Are you still wondering whether attending CloudFest this year is worth it? We’re here to assure you there’s no event quite like it for the web hosting industry anywhere on the planet. It’s definitely worth it to broaden your perspective on the web hosting market, gain new insights, meet people, or just simply have fun!

1. Celebrating the 20th Anniversary of CloudFest with a massive party

Indeed, it’s been 20 years since the event first started (previously known as World Hosting Days). This anniversary serves as the ideal moment to celebrate the evolution of our industry over the years and to explore the new opportunities that await us shortly. Every evening, there will be a party that promises to be an amazing way to relax and connect with fellow industry enthusiasts.

2. Getting ahead with the latest tech updates

The web hosting industry is always changing, and CloudFest is the annual event where the finest ideas are shared. Whether you’re listening to speeches or discovering what the exhibitors have to offer at their booths, you’ll definitely be able to stay current with the latest trends and incorporate them into your business.

3. Experience the best networking opportunity for web hosting industry

Our industry, while being a niche, it’s spread worldwide. This event stands as the largest gathering to connect people, providing the perfect opportunity to meet face-to-face with your collaborators.

As our co-founder Konrad Keck said on his pilot episode of the podcast:

“There are many business owners in the web hosting industry that are isolated, the whole industry is a niche itself but people are spread around the world and except for an event like CloudFest, people don’t have much opportunity to speak to each other.”

Full episode of the podcast is available here:

4. Strengthen the partnerships

CloudFest offers a special opportunity to speak directly with software and hardware vendors, deliberate on future partnerships, and identify new opportunities for future collaboration. Engaging in these discussions not only fosters growth, sets up new partnerships but also sparks innovation, setting the stage for future success for your business.

5. Plan your strategy ahead

Attending an event like this is a fantastic source of inspiration, offering ideas on how to grow your business further. With all the insights and concepts presented, it provides an excellent chance to reevaluate your current strategy and envision new, significant advancements for your company. We believe it’s the perfect time for such a review, to collect information and advance.