Konrad's Corner Podcast

Welcome to “Konrad’s Corner,” my podcast dedicated to the dynamic world of web hosting, where we shift our focus from the technical aspects and dive deep into the business side of things. Join me in exploring the stories of industry leaders who’ve achieved incredible success and remarkable growth. From web hosting companies to software providers and those who mastered upselling through the webhosting providers, “Konrad’s Corner” offers a diverse perspective, providing you with valuable hints, ideas, and a new perspective to grow your own business.

Konrad's Corner Podcast - Season 1!

Season 1

10 July 2024

We're talking about: Why did Bluehost choose to partner with Automattic and implement WP Cloud instead of developing their own solution? Why do many hosting providers struggle to deliver optimal WordPress hosting? How did WordPress become the leading CMS?

19 June 2024

We're talking about: How big is A2Hosting? Why hasn’t Bryan sold his company yet? What were the early struggles of a technical founder scaling up his business?

22 May 2024

We're talking about: Why did World Hosting Days change their name to CloudFest? Who owns the CloudFest brand now? What are the plans for other events like CloudFest USA or MSP Global? What is the future of the web hosting market? What will be the impact of AI to the web hosting industry?

8 May 2024

We're talking about: Welcome to a special episode of my podcast, celebrating the incredible community of CloudFest! From its humble beginnings with just 100 attendees to a grand gathering of 10,000 this year, CloudFest has become a pivotal event in the web hosting industry. Join me as I explore this year’s event, including interviews with important exhibitors and special thoughts from Christian Jaeger, the CEO of CloudFest.

10 April 2024

We're talking about: Is AI really revolutionizing sitebuilders? How are sitebuilders evolving? Is it easy to partner with web hosting companies given the consolidation in our industry? What are the opportunities in the emerging markets like Africa or Asia? You will find all the answers in this episode of Konrad's Corner where I interview Simon Best, founder and CEO of Basekit.

12 March 2024

We're talking about: How rocket.net has grew 250% last year? Why is contribution to WordPress so important for web hosting businesses? Why support is the essence of the successful web hosting business?


21 February 2024

We're talking about: We are talking about webhosting.today , the podcast and overall about the future of the market.

29 January 2024

We're talking about: Soon I'll be launching two great projects related to the web hosting industry: Konrad's Corner podcast and Webhosting.Today news site. I explain in mo