Are you planning to attend CloudFest this year but have limited time to explore all the companies present? We’ve prepared a condensed list of this year’s most interesting exhibitors rolated to the web hosting that, in our opinion, you must see.

1. WebPros

WebPros with its popular brands cPanel, Plesk and WHMCS needs no introduction. Every web hosting provider must stay updated with their latest innovations. They lead in providing the most popular software solutions for hosting providers, including cPanel, Plesk, and SolusVM, and they are setting industry standards. At CloudFest, they will undoubtedly highlight some of their latest solutions:

  • Sitejet: An AI-powered state-of-the-art website builder seamlessly integrated into cPanel, Plesk and WHMCS
  • WP Squared: A comprehensive WordPress solution tailored for web hosting services
  • WP Guardian: Game-changing Centralized Security Management for WordPress

Exploring these innovations and the future development plans for their entire portfolio, as well as visiting their keynote speech is highly recommended.

Location: Booth A06

2. CloudLinux

The beloved Linux Web Hosting platform will be available at CloudFest, showcasing their latest updates and innovations, making it one of the most intriguing booths to visit. It’s important to note that Cloudlinux now encompasses a family of products, including KernelCare and Imunify. Additionally, their recent acquisition, Patchman, is playing a significant role in establishing itself as a leading security solution provider in the market.

Location: Booth F02

3. Supermicro

The AI revolution is significantly influencing the web hosting industry and it all starts with the hardware. Supermicro, one of the leading providers of servers for hosting providers, is at the forefront of this trend with its latest offering. Their latest solution, Supermicro Edge AI Solutions is a rack-scale storage solution aimed at accelerating AI and machine learning applications. This innovation marks an important step for hosting providers, offering them a way to integrate AI capabilities into their services and meet the growing demand for AI-powered solutions.

Location: Booth H08

4. Webuzo

Webuzo, a shared hosting panel developed by the team behind Softaculous, offers a solution aimed at hosting providers. It provides extensive functionalities for managing hosting accounts and is priced reasonably. It’s certainly worth considering, especially since they are also actively working on several other projects, including:

  • Virtualizor: A powerful VPS Control Panel
  • SitePad: An easy-to-use website builder
  • Pagelayer: A WordPress page builder

These additional offerings demonstrate the company’s commitment to enhancing the web hosting ecosystem, providing tools that cater to a wide range of needs from server management to website creation.

Location: Booth S07

5. PanelAlpha

The team at ModulesGarden has introduced a new control panel for WordPress hosting. This customer-focused solution boasts an impressive UI/UX and offers versatility in the web hosting environment, supporting platforms such as cPanel, Plesk, or DirectAdmin. Additionally, they present their proprietary “PanelAlpha Engine,” a Docker-based solution designed for scalable hosting on VPS or dedicated servers.

They are also available to discuss their other offerings:

  • ModulesGarden: the leading provider of modules for WHMCS in the market
  • EasyDCIM: a comprehensive dedicated server provisioning and management system
  • MetricsCube: a plug-and-play business intelligence solution for WHMCS

Location: Booth R07

6. Monarx

The team at Monarx has developed a next-level anti-malware solution designed for web hosting companies. This tool not only ensures the safety of their customers but also provides an opportunity to generate extra revenue through upselling.

Website security is no game, but they developed one anyway! Stop by Monarx’s booth and play a captivating game of Cyber Space Invaders. This year they also organize the World Server Throwing Contest, come show us how far you can pitch a bare metal server!

Location: Booth R03

7. Marketgoo

Marketgoo offers white-label SEO tools that web hosting companies can resell. Their products are continuously improving, and they intend to launch a new product named Domain Intelligence. This data solution is designed to enhance the business results of companies involved with domains or websites. It aims to do so by identifying upselling opportunities and providing insights into the customer base. If you’re seeking a new source of income in your web hosting business, it’s definitely worth considering.

Location: Booth H11

8. IceWarp

One of the leading options for mail server, messaging, and collaboration platforms, ideal for small, medium, and large enterprises. Their adaptable solution targets hosting providers as an alternative to Exchange services. Visit their booth to discover more about their offerings and establish a strong partnership to elevate your customers’ communication to the next level. Exploring this opportunity can significantly enhance your service portfolio, providing a competitive edge in the market.

Location: Booth R02

9. Tucows

The world’s second-largest domain registrar will be showcasing their latest updates and offers at CloudFest. As the parent company of Enom, OpenSRS, Ascio, and Hover, they partner with numerous web hosting providers, making it an excellent chance to meet the team, strengthen relationships, and stay informed about their most recent developments. Additionally, engaging with their experts can provide valuable insights into industry trends and how to leverage their platforms for your business’s growth.

Location: Booth G23

10. Upmind

A modern billing solution for web hosting providers, offered as a SaaS, it provides robust functionalities such as multi-branding, third-party automation, a support system, client area, invoicing, and, importantly, strong API integrations. This might present a compelling alternative to the most popular solutions currently available on the market, making it definitely worth exploring for any web hosting provider.

Location: Booth G18