, originally rooted in the Czech Republic, has been a reliable name in the European CDN and hosting market. The company’s recent strides suggest a strategy poised not just for growth but for global competitiveness.

Company Overview has been in the CDN and hosting game for over a decade, supporting a substantial client base that relies on its services for rapid and secure content delivery. Known for their responsiveness and tech-forward approach, they have successfully built trust and reliability around their brand.

Infrastructure expansion

The latest buzz from the CEO of via LinkedIn unveils the addition of 110 new Hewlett Packard Enterprise servers, equipped with cutting-edge ARM CPUs (Ampere Altra Max, 128 cores) and each sporting 1TB of RAM. This brings their total capabilities to a whopping 42.24 THz of CPU power and 112.64 PB of RAM. These figures are not just numbers; they represent’s commitment to enhancing their technological backbone to support expanding services.

Global ambitions and challenges

In a bold move, the CEO announced plans to push beyond the familiar European territories into North and South America. This strategy signals a transition from a regional powerhouse to a potential global contender in the CDN market. However, the path forward is fraught with challenges. The CDN market is notoriously competitive, dominated by giants like Akamai, Cloudflare, and Amazon Web Services, who have established infrastructures and vast networks globally. For, breaking into these new markets means not only deploying new servers but also crafting strategies that leverage their technological advancements to offer something uniquely compelling to an international clientele.

Observing the next moves

As embarks on this ambitious journey, the industry watches keenly. Their success or struggle in establishing a foothold in the Americas will provide valuable insights into the dynamics of global CDN markets and what it takes for a European firm to make its mark worldwide. The challenges are significant, but so are the opportunities—should they navigate this expansion successfully, they could redefine their future and possibly the landscape of global CDN services.

With a strategy set in motion to escalate its presence and prowess, is a company to watch. As they tackle the formidable challenges of the global market, their journey will be an intriguing narrative of growth, innovation, and strategic maneuvering in the competitive world of CDN services.