In a world where technology is becoming an increasingly integral part of our lives, we are constantly looking for ways to include different segments of society in this rapidly growing sector. The latest manifestation of this trend is the opening of a new Customer Care Center office in Uganda by WorldHost.Group, implemented with the support of Groundbreaker. This initiative aims not only to make technology services more accessible, but more importantly to empower women in the technology industry on the continent., an established global webhosting provider, is using its presence in the African market to promote diversity and inclusion. The center in Uganda aims not only to provide support to the company’s clients, but also to create an environment where local women can develop their technology skills and gain valuable work experience.

Groundbreaker, a nonprofit organization working for equality and access to education, is playing a key role in this initiative. With its experience in building knowledge- and technology-based communities, Groundbreaker is supporting the project on the organizational and educational side, providing the necessary resources and training for the center’s future employees.

This unique center is more than just a customer service office; it is an incubator of opportunity for women in Uganda. For them, access to technology and IT education represents an opportunity to break down the economic and social barriers that have previously limited their participation in the tech sector. Together, WorldHost.Group and Groundbreaker are creating a space where women can not only gain skills, but also shape the future of technology in Africa.

Reflections on this initiative are extremely positive. The opening of the center in Uganda is not only a progression towards gender equality in technology, but also a demonstration of how companies can contribute to lasting change in society. By investing in local talent and providing women with the tools to pursue technology careers, WorldHost.Group and Groundbreaker are jointly demonstrating that technology can be a catalyst for social and economic transformation in Africa.

We are personally very impressed with’s efforts. They operate out of the box and have entered the hosting market virtually in a blockbuster fashion. They also recently announced several important acquisitions that expand their international hosting business on virtually every continent. Among them are the acquisitions of LuxHosting, WebHostPython, Doteasy and Wingu Networks. These strategic acquisitions are aimed at strengthening WorldHost’s global hosting and domain services offerings, as well as expanding into new markets, including India through the purchase of