As the bustling city of Turin hosts WordCamp Europe 2024, the excitement is palpable. Among the numerous exhibitors, one company stands out: CloudPress. I had the opportunity to sit down with Sander Cruiming, the visionary behind CloudPress, to discuss their innovative approach to WordPress hosting and their participation in this vibrant community event.

Konrad: Sander, why are you here with your company?

Sander: I’m here with CloudPress because it’s important to be at WordCamp Europe. This is where the WordPress community comes together. Here, we can learn about the direction in which the WordPress world is moving and understand what WordPress users need.

Konrad: Okay, so you mentioned that many companies are contributing to the WordPress ecosystem. What are you doing specifically, and how do you differentiate from others?

Sander: We’ve introduced a new cloud hosting platform based on my 25 years of hosting experience. We cater to many shared hosting customers who run WordPress sites, so we know the common issues and preferences. Our platform is tailored to meet the needs of WordPress users and agencies. We also like to partner with other companies here, like plugin developers or suppliers, to get feedback and improve our offerings.

Konrad: What feedback are you seeking from these partners?

Sander: We’re interested in their current challenges. This isn’t just about sales; it’s a learning opportunity. We want to improve our product and give back to the community by helping others. It’s about mutual support.

Konrad: Could you tell us what you think will happen in the next couple of years in WordPress hosting?

Sander: Many WordPress sites are still hosted on traditional solutions like shared hosting, cPanel, and Plesk. These are outdated, and there are more user-friendly, secure, and performant options available now. Hosting providers need to innovate and offer solutions that match the modern needs of WordPress site owners. It’s a case of innovate or slowly die. With the rise of platforms like Wix, Squarespace, and Shopify, if hosting providers don’t evolve, they’ll lose customers to these competitors.

Konrad: So it’s innovate or slowly die because of simpler ways to create a website?

Sander: Exactly. Simpler, more secure, and higher performance solutions are crucial. If hosting providers don’t adapt, customers will migrate to better options, and new signups will decline.

In the rapidly evolving world of WordPress hosting, CloudPress is clearly leading the charge. Their commitment to innovation and community support positions them as a key player in the future of WordPress hosting. Stay tuned for more insights and updates from WordCamp Europe 2024.