Last weekend, we had the pleasure of attending WordCamp 2024 in Turin, Italy. WordCamp is an annual conference that brings together WordPress enthusiasts, developers, designers, and companies from around the world. This year’s edition was exceptional, filled with inspiring talks, workshops, and networking opportunities. As the editor of, I had the opportunity to interview many interesting exhibitors who showcased their latest products and services. One of the standout interviews was with Marcus Krämer from His company specializes in WordPress hosting and has a unique approach to managed support and customer service. Below is a brief entry and the transcript of our interview, highlighting Hostpress’s distinctive approach to WordPress hosting.

Konrad: So, Marcus, what brings you to WordCamp 2024?

Marcus: Yeah, so I’m here with my team from Hostpress. We have our own booth here because we want to support the WordPress community. We are a WordPress hosting company, and we believe it’s important to give back to the community and meet many people here.

Konrad: Alright. As a WordPress hosting provider, how do you differentiate yourself from others in the industry?

Konrad: Do you also offer telephone support?

Marcus: We focus on providing top-of-the-line managed support. Typically, new customers come to us when they don’t get the help they need from their current hosting company, whether it’s for performance or security issues. Our support is very reachable, and we offer free website migration, help with optimizing Google Core Web Vitals, security issues, and managed update services. team wordcamp 2024

Marcus: Yes, we do. We have real old-school phone support, not a call center. Customers speak directly to technical salespeople or technical experts, which they appreciate.

Konrad: What do you think is the future of WordPress hosting in the next couple of years?

Marcus: The WordPress hosting market is currently very fragmented with many companies. I believe that finding your niche and specializing is crucial. The WordPress market is still very large, so there’s enough potential for companies to have plenty of clients in their niche. Our goal is not to be a huge company but a specialized one with low churn rates and long-term customer relationships, ensuring satisfied customers.