About us

Our mission: Innovation through information

In light of the significant consolidation in the web hosting industry in recent years, we believe that there is still a great chance for businesses to stand out and succeed: innovation. We’ve observed that plenty of businesses keep recycling the same strategies over and over again, simply because they’re not keeping up with recent trends and the moves of the industry leaders. It’s hard to blame them, considering the absence of a clear, free of bullsh*t, regularly updated news platform focusing on what really happens in the web hosting world. Recognizing this gap, webhosting.today is our response: a platform committed to providing not only the latest news but also insightful analyses and expert commentary, ensuring our readers are always a step ahead.

Our principles

We respect our readers and aim for a long-term relationship built on trust, delivering consistently reliable and valuable content.
Therefore, we declare three main principles that we will follow:

Avoid boring content

No one cares about boring press releases like “technology partnership” or “launching new machines”. We ensure engaging content that actually matters and you enjoy reading.

Keep it simple

Time’s tight, we get it. We keep it brief, delivering the essentials you need to know. Straight to the point, better shorter than useless.

Minimal and transparent ads

Ads? Sure, they’re a must, but we keep it cool: just two small ad spots in our newsletter and max two sponsored posts weekly. Our team edits all paid content, making sure it’s clearly marked and up to our standards.

Meet our team

With decades of experience in web hosting, we came together to build a news portal
for the industry that we would enjoy ourselves!

Konrad Keck

Co-founder, Podcast and Product

Web hosting enthusiast, connecting technical expertise with business strategies. Revolutionizing the industry with automated, user-focused solutions since 2011. Founder of various innovative solutions including ModulesGarden, PanelAlpha, MetricsCube, and EasyDCIM.

Łukasz Gawior

Co-founder, Head of Content

Bringing over 15 years of experience in the technology and online services industry, focusing on CMO, product, and sales roles within hosting companies. Currently serving in business development, his expertise lies in optimizing SaaS marketplaces. He is dedicated to drive innovation and contribute to organizational growth in the industry.

Kamil Kołosowski


For many years he has been involved in the hosting industry, which he knows inside out. Author of many publications available on the Internet. Researcher of everything related to new technologies. After work, he is enthusiastic in forest hiking. Recently discovered a love for photography and is exploring AI.

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