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S01E03: Christian Jaeger – THE COMMUNITY Is What Makes CloudFest Valuable

Guest: Christian Jaeger

Christian Jaeger is the CEO of WHD Event GmbH, a company renowned for its vendor-independent event series, including CloudFest, MSP GLOBAL, and NamesCon. With 14 years of experience in the cloud, MSP, and domain event sectors, Christian has been instrumental in developing WHD into the leading platform for professionals and businesses in these industries. His dedicated team and visionary leadership have made WHD Event a cornerstone for the Cloud, MSP, and Domain communities.

Why did World Hosting Days change their name to CloudFest? Who owns the CloudFest brand now? What are the plans for other events like CloudFest USA or MSP Global? What is the future of the web hosting market? What will be the impact of AI to the web hosting industry?

Tune into this episode of Konrad’s Corner to find all the answers during my interview with Christian Jaeger, CEO of WHD Event GmbH, the company behind CloudFest, Namescon, and MSP Global.

My special episode about CloudFest: