Imunify360 has announced the discontinuation of reCAPTCHA in favor of SplashScreen, its own bot protection technology. SplashScreen has been part of Imunify360’s offerings for years, working alongside Google reCAPTCHA. However, with the upcoming changes in Google’s pricing policy, Imunify360 reassessed the effectiveness of various bot protection mechanisms, concluding that SplashScreen performs comparably to, if not better than, Google’s reCAPTCHA. This transition to SplashScreen is not just a strategic move to avoid new costs but a testament to Imunify360’s commitment to providing top-tier security solutions that are as effective.

Imunify360’s decision to fully replace Google reCAPTCHA with SplashScreen is a clear indication of its confidence in its technology and its dedication to maintaining the highest standards of security without imposing additional costs on its users.


As cybersecurity threats continue to evolve, so too must the solutions we rely on to protect our digital assets. Imunify360’s strategic updates underscore its commitment to innovation, security, and user convenience. By developing and implementing its own technologies, Imunify360 not only ensures that its users are shielded from the latest threats but also that they are doing so in a cost-effective manner. As we move forward, the importance of adaptable, reliable, and economical cybersecurity solutions like those offered by Imunify360 cannot be overstated.