In the era of increasing popularity of hosting services, choosing the right cPanel Reseller Hosting provider can be a crucial factor in the success of many online businesses. Reseller Hosting is a specific business model that allows users to purchase hosting resources in bulk and then resell them under their own brand. For web design firms, interactive agencies, and individual entrepreneurs, this represents an attractive business development path. Among the many providers on the market, ResellerClub, ScalaHosting, and Asura Hosting stand out with their offerings, which can meet the diverse needs of their clients. This article aims to provide a detailed comparison of these three companies, in terms of their functionality, pricing, customer support, and overall value of the offer. We will analyze the key aspects to consider when choosing a provider, to help you make an informed decision that best suits your business needs.

Who should be interested in the reseller service?

Reseller Hosting services are aimed at a wide audience, including primarily individuals and companies that want to try their hand in the hosting industry but do not have sufficient financial resources to purchase their own server or hire qualified system administrators.

Thanks to the Reseller model, users can acquire server space and resources in larger quantities and then resell them to their clients under their own brand. This not only lowers the barriers to entry into the hosting market but also enables quick business startup with minimal initial investments.

Furthermore, Reseller Hosting services are highly popular among web development agencies and companies responsible for maintaining and taking care of their clients’ websites. For such entities, the ability to offer hosting as an additional service to their clients is not only a convenient but also an economical solution. It allows agencies not only to offer comprehensive customer service, including both web design and hosting but also to build long-term relationships with clients and generate additional revenue streams.

As a result, Reseller Hosting is an attractive choice for individuals and companies at various stages of development – from startups, through medium-sized interactive agencies, to large firms looking for flexible and cost-effective hosting solutions. vs vs

In today’s era, where the hosting services market is incredibly dynamic and competitive, choosing the right Reseller Hosting provider can pose a serious challenge. That’s why, in today’s article, we will focus on three companies that regularly appear at the top of the Reseller services rankings. is a renowned Reseller Hosting service provider that has been on the market since 1998. This company has earned the trust of clients worldwide by offering a wide range of hosting products and services that meet the needs of both beginner resellers and large agencies. ResellerClub stands out with its highly developed infrastructure and flexible pricing plans, allowing customers to scale services as their business grows. has been in the market since 2007, focusing on delivering innovative solutions in hosting for both individual and business clients. The company is known for introducing advanced security and performance technologies, such as its proprietary VPS management system SPanel, making it an attractive choice for resellers looking for reliability and modernity in their hosting services. is a relatively new player in the market, having been active since 2012, but it has quickly gained recognition due to its competitive pricing and solid customer support. The company focuses on offering economical hosting plans with high performance and reliability, making it an excellent option for those starting in reseller hosting without a large financial investment.

Key resources in Reseller packages

In the world of Reseller hosting, two main variables are crucial when choosing the right package: the limit of user accounts in the server management panel and the available disk space. These parameters are incredibly important as they determine the maximum number of users that can be served on a given hosting account. An interesting fact is that none of the services analyzed impose limits on the number of internet domains that can be added to an account, which gives great freedom in expanding one’s hosting offer.

Let’s now examine in detail the offers of three leading Reseller Hosting service providers, focusing on the resources provided in each package:


ResellerClub’s offer includes four Reseller packages, with differences in limits and resources:

  • Essential Package – 25 cPanel users, 40GB SSD disk space, 800GB data transfer, free SSL.
  • Advance Package – 35 cPanel users, 50GB SSD disk space, 1000GB data transfer, free SSL.
  • Pro Package – 45 cPanel users, 100GB SSD disk space, 2000GB data transfer, free SSL.
  • Ultimate Package – 60 cPanel users, 200GB SSD disk space, 3900GB data transfer, free SSL.
  • An additional cPanel user costs $3.99, and WHMCS $7.

Services offered by ResellerClub have previously appeared in our analyses, where we compared them to changes in the Reseller offer from HostGator. Since that time, ResellerClub’s offer has remained unchanged, still providing resources proportional to the limit of cPanel users. This consistent approach to the offer is noteworthy, especially since all packages are prepared to work with WHMCS, which can be purchased separately, just like additional user limits. Particularly, the PRO and Ultimate packages seem to be designed for expansion, encouraging the purchase of additional options to increase the user limit—a strategy that might seem like a catch, but certainly is not baseless.

Although ResellerClub does not offer packages with NVMe disks, clients can benefit from integrated CloudFlare, which is a significant advantage in the context of improving the performance and security of hosted websites. The servers run on the free Apache system, which does not necessarily have to be seen as a disadvantage, although some users may prefer more specialized solutions.

However, the use of the CentOS 7.x system, whose technical support is set to end in 2024, raises some questions about the future and stability of the services. A natural step seems to be offering clients the option to use their own license for CloudLinux, Rocky Linux, or AlmaLinux, which may provide longer support and be better suited to the requirements of modern hosting.

In summary, ResellerClub’s offer maintains its place in the market thanks to flexible packages and additional services that allow resellers to tailor the offer to their own needs. Nevertheless, there are areas where the provider could consider making changes to better meet customer expectations in a changing technological environment.


ScalaHosting offers packages that stand out with unlimited data transfer and included cPanel/WHM:

  • Scala1 Package – 20 cPanel users, 25GB SSD disk space, unlimited data transfer, free SSL.
  • Scala2 Package – 40 cPanel users, 50GB SSD disk space, unlimited data transfer, free SSL.
  • Scala3 Package – 60 cPanel users, 75GB SSD disk space, unlimited data transfer, free SSL.
  • Scala4 Package – unlimited SPanel users, 50GB NVMe disk space, unlimited data transfer, free SSL.

ScalaHosting indeed offers impressive limits regarding the ability to connect user accounts, making this offer particularly attractive for resellers looking for flexibility in managing a larger number of clients. However, it’s worth noting that the fast NVMe disks, which ensure higher performance of hosted sites, are only available in the highest package of the offer. Nonetheless, this package deserves special attention, especially because it includes its own management panel, SPanel, which serves as an alternative to the traditional cPanel.

One might think that the offer with an unlimited number of SPanel users is primarily aimed at owners of smaller sites, such as online business cards, considering that it only provides 50GB of disk space. This limited level of resources may not meet the needs of larger online projects requiring more data space.

However, ScalaHosting compensates for these potential inconveniences with a series of other benefits. Customers receive antivirus protection and a dedicated IP address, which increases the security and stability of the services. Additionally, the server based on the free version of LiteSpeed, OpenLiteSpeed, offers access to the LiteSpeed Cache plugin. This is a significant advantage for WordPress users, as it can greatly speed up page loading and improve overall site performance. Blacklist monitoring for email boxes is another feature that underscores ScalaHosting’s care for the security and reliability of its clients’ electronic communication.

Moreover, the highest ScalaHosting package allows for own branding, which is a key feature for resellers wanting to promote services under their own brand. This option is not available in lower packages, further highlighting the value of the highest offer. Despite certain limitations, ScalaHosting offers a balanced and competitive proposal for resellers looking for advanced features and flexibility in managing their client portfolio.

Most importantly, each of the smaller packages already includes cPanel and WHM for managing the service and daily offsite backups at the price.

Asura Hosting

Asura Hosting focuses on affordability and the use of NVMe disks, offering the following packages:

  • Reseller 1 Package – 7 cPanel users, 25GB NVMe disk space, unlimited data transfer, free SSL.
  • Reseller 2 Package – 20 cPanel users, 60GB NVMe disk space, unlimited data transfer, free SSL.
  • Reseller 3 Package – 20 cPanel users, 125GB NVMe disk space, unlimited data transfer, free SSL.
  • Reseller 4 Package – 65 cPanel users, unlimited NVMe disk space, unlimited data transfer, free SSL.
  • An additional CRM panel Blesta $2.99 or WHMCS $9.99.

Asura Hosting stands out among its competitors by offering a range of unique services and features in each of its packages, making it an especially attractive choice for resellers. Each AsuraHosting package comes equipped with backups performed by the advanced JetBackup software, which provides weekly or daily backups, giving users an additional sense of security and protection against data loss.

Additionally, the company utilizes LiteSpeed Enterprise server software, known for its high performance and scalability, as well as Imunify360 – a comprehensive security solution that protects servers from attacks, malware, and other threats. The offer also includes Softaculous – a popular application auto-installer, which allows for easy installation of hundreds of web applications from the management panel.

Asura Hosting places a strong emphasis on the “white label” aspect, enabling resellers to sell hosting under their own brand, without any visible signs of affiliation with Asura. Clients can also use private DNS servers, which is a key element in building brand and professionalism in the eyes of their customers.

Most importantly, only Asura Hosting offers dedicated IP addresses in its two highest packages, which is a significant added value for businesses requiring this functionality for better personalization and optimization of their hosting services.

A unique feature that sets Asura Hosting apart from other providers is the use of fast NVMe disks in all packages. NVMe disks offer significantly higher data read and write speeds compared to traditional SSDs, which translates to faster website loading times and better overall performance of hosted services.

In summary, Asura Hosting provides a comprehensive and competitive offer that meets the needs of modern resellers, offering advanced technologies and additional services that can significantly contribute to the success of their hosting business.

Reseller package pricing comparison

After thoroughly analyzing the resources offered by the individual Reseller packages from ResellerClub, ScalaHosting, and Asura Hosting, it’s time to look at how each offer stacks up against each other in terms of pricing. Prices are often a deciding factor for many resellers, especially those who are just starting their journey in the hosting industry or those looking for the most cost-effective solutions for their business. In this part of the comparison, we will focus on the pricing analysis of the available packages to help in choosing the option that best meets the needs and financial capabilities.

Price comparison per month of service

In the price comparison, Asura Hosting offers the lowest price for services, significantly outpricing the competition. With a monthly price for its most expensive package at $24.99, AsuraHosting is 57.64% cheaper than the corresponding package at ResellerClub, which costs $58.99. Also, compared to ScalaHosting, which offers its Scala4 package for $29.95, Asura is 16.56% cheaper.

The prices of ScalaHosting and ResellerClub are indeed very similar for the first two packages, but significant price differences emerge when analyzing the two largest packages. ScalaHosting, offering the Scala4 package for $29.95, is 49.23% cheaper than the most expensive package offered by ResellerClub.

Such a comparison shows that AsuraHosting offers the most affordable prices, especially for those who are just starting their business in reseller hosting. ScalaHosting and ResellerClub offer packages that may be more attractive to customers looking for specific resources and functionalities, but the price differences, especially at the higher packages, are significant.

User reviews at TrustPilot

While price is definitely an important factor in choosing a Reseller Hosting service provider, it should not be the only criterion guiding our decision. It is also important to consider the reviews and experiences of other users with the offered services. For this purpose, we checked reviews of ResellerClub, ScalaHosting, and Asura Hosting on the popular website TrustPilot to gain a broader reference to the overall assessment of the service providers.

From our research, it appears that ScalaHosting enjoys the best reputation among users, securing an impressive 5-star rating based on 1610 reviews. Such a high rating suggests that the company is trustworthy and offers services at the highest level, meeting customer expectations.

Asura Hosting also gathers positive reviews, achieving a rating of 4.7 stars, however, on a significantly smaller number of reviews – only 71. Nonetheless, it’s worth noting that only 3% of them are negatively inclined, indicating a generally positive reception of the company’s services by users.

The situation looks much worse for ResellerClub, whose average rating is only 1.6 based on 89 reviews. A whopping 89% of respondents expressed their dissatisfaction, pointing to numerous problems and challenges the company may be facing. Such a low rating could be a warning signal for potential customers, suggesting that it might be worthwhile to consider other options.

Of course, it’s important to remember that online reviews can be diverse and not always entirely objective. There’s also the issue of potential false positive reviews. This, however, will be the topic of our next article, where we will take a closer look at the credibility of rankings and online opinions. This will be an opportunity to examine more closely the practices companies use to improve their visibility and ratings on the internet. So, as you can see, there’s much to look forward to.

To sum it all up…

Summarizing our comparison of Reseller Hosting offers from Asura Hosting, ScalaHosting, and ResellerClub, it’s clear that not only price but also customer reviews and offered resources should be considered when choosing the right provider. Asura Hosting leads in terms of price, offering very attractive packages, especially for those looking for an economical entry into the hosting world. ScalaHosting, on the other hand, can boast the best reviews on TrustPilot, indicating high-quality services and customer satisfaction. ResellerClub, despite having competitive prices in some packages, seems to have a problem maintaining a positive image among users, which could be a warning signal for many potential resellers.

However, we must not forget that choosing a hosting service provider is a complex decision, which should also include other factors such as specific business needs, technical support, and the flexibility of the offer. In the near future, we also plan to delve into the topic of market verification in terms of trading positions in rankings, which will surely provide even more valuable insights for those seeking reliable information.

Additionally, we are preparing a series of comparisons of software for running your own hosting, and perhaps we will even show how to undertake such a venture on your own! We hope our analyses will prove useful to you and help in making the best business decisions.

Remember, your opinions and experiences are very important to us, so we encourage you to be active in the comments. We look forward to your stories, questions, and suggestions. See you in the next articles!