The internet is buzzing with news that Colohouse has announced the acquisition of Hivelocity today! This transaction, heralding the birth of next-generation services, has the potential to revolutionize the data center industry by offering cloud and bare-metal solutions on an unprecedented scale.

Colohouse, a well-known player in the colocation, cloud, hosting, and networking services sector, has built a reputation over the years as a reliable provider of IT infrastructure. On the other hand, Hivelocity, a leading provider of bare-metal hosting servers, has impressed the market with its emphasis on automation and cloud solutions. Their joining forces not only promises to expand the range of offerings but also introduces new possibilities for the customers of both companies. It’s not surprising, then, that the acquisition has been met with considerable enthusiasm in comments on social media platforms. Reactions on LinkedIn indicate that the acquisition is perceived not only as beneficial for both companies but also as a positive step forward for the entire IT industry.

Transaction details

The acquisition of Hivelocity by Colohouse signifies not only the merging of the service portfolios of both companies but also the strengthening of their capabilities to meet the growing market demand for advanced IT infrastructure. As Jeremy Pease, CEO of Colohouse, points out, the goal is to create a next-generation service provider that prioritizes the needs and success of customers. Meanwhile, Mike Architetto, CEO of Hivelocity, emphasizes that the merger with Colohouse will enable even faster growth and better fulfillment of customer expectations.

“Our mission at Hivelocity is to create a company with a singular focus on simplifying hosting with an exceptional customer experience. We have continuously excelled at our mission, grown our customer base and kept up with their demands, which led us from a single rack of servers to operating 40+ world-class data centers on 6 continents. Combined with Colohouse, Hivelocity can accelerate its capabilities and continue its legacy of simplifying IT for its customers.” – says Mike Architetto, CEO of Hivelocity.

Key benefits of Colohouse’s acquisition of Hivelocity

This acquisition may signal the beginning of a new era in the IT industry, characterized by greater integration and automation of services. Combining Colohouse’s extensive offerings with Hivelocity’s innovative solutions has the potential not only to meet but also to exceed the expectations of even the most demanding customers. For the industry, this could mean a faster pace of innovation and the development of new business models.

  • Full-service hybrid cloud product offering. The acquisition bolsters Colohouse’s infrastructure and existing hosting services with Hivelocity’s robust bare metal servers, network automation, and virtual private cloud solutions. Combined, the company can address the demand for a more comprehensive range of solutions for applications and data that require more computing power and connectivity options as customers seek to optimize cost, performance and security.
  • Automation and self-service capabilities across private infrastructure. As a next-generation service provider, the combined company will enable rapid deployment and scalability of private compute and connectivity resources across dozens of domestic and international locations. This platform enables and integrates modern capabilities including developer tools, APIs, and SDN.
  • Top tier talent helping customers succeed. The acquisition is founded on a shared commitment to focus on our customer’s needs and success. The most impactful solutions provide automation when wanted and expertise when needed. With decades of experience as a service provider, the combined teams are committed to exceptional customer service.

As businesses increasingly rely on advanced IT infrastructure to drive growth, the acquisition of Hivelocity by Colohouse sets the stage for the most comprehensive and mature suite of hosted infrastructure paired with expertise, resources, and innovation capabilities. In addition to integrating existing services, the combined entities will launch a new private cloud offering in early Q3 of 2024 which is specifically designed for enterprise virtualization environments to optimize for workloads with complex applications, architectures, scalability, and security requirements.

To sum it all up

The acquisition of Hivelocity by Colohouse is undoubtedly a significant event for the IT industry, promising new possibilities and better solutions for customers worldwide. As these companies embark on their journey together, it is worth tracking how their combined forces will impact the future of technology and IT services. Most importantly, this transaction underscores the importance of adaptation and innovation in a rapidly changing world of technology.