In today’s rapidly changing world of technology, it is crucial to have leaders who not only follow trends but also set new directions. One such leader is Simon Best, the founder and CEO of Basekit, a company that has been revolutionizing the web development industry for over 15 years.

Simon, a graduate in electronic engineering from the University of Bristol, has always had a knack for technology. His career began with a job in a consumer electronics company, but his true passion lay in the digital realm of technology. Recognizing the potential of the internet, Simon and his brother decided to create something new – thus, Basekit was born.

Simon Best recently appeared on the latest episode of the Konrad’s Corner Podcast

Key decisions and changes in Basekit

The beginnings of Basekit were not easy. Initially, they focused on creating web applications, but quickly realized that the market needed something more accessible – simple yet functional website builders. A pivotal moment for Basekit was a shift towards partnerships with hosting companies, which allowed them to scale their operations to unprecedented levels.

The pivotal moment for Basekit was a shift towards partnerships with hosting companies, which allowed us to scale our operations to unprecedented levels,” – summarizes Simon Best.

Today, Basekit is not just about website builders. The company offers a full range of e-commerce solutions and reservation systems that cater to the specific needs of small and medium-sized businesses. Basekit products are designed with maximum user-friendliness in mind, making them ideal for companies looking to establish a strong online presence quickly and effectively.

The future of web builders and the impact of AI

Web builders are heading towards greater integration with AI, opening up new possibilities for automation and personalization” says Simon, who believes that the future lies in tools that are even more intuitive and capable of adapting to users’ individual needs.

He states, “Let’s talk about AI and what it opens up for website building tools. We’ve definitely conducted a lot of research in this area, and honestly, we’ve been somewhat disappointed with what’s available on the market so far. Basekit is already working on implementing AI to enable the creation of websites that better meet their owners’ unique requirements.

Looking ahead with optimism, Simon plans to further expand the functionality of the Basekit API, enabling creative integration with various digital services. This development aims to facilitate even easier website creation and management for developers and businesses, allowing them to enhance their online presence effortlessly.


Simon Best and Basekit continue their mission of democratizing the internet, making web technologies accessible to anyone who wants to establish a presence in the digital world. Their approach, combining innovation with user-friendliness, not only impacts the web hosting market but also inspires the entire industry to seek new and better ways to harness the potential of the internet.