Some time ago, I discussed comparing BitNinja with Imunify360, where I mentioned the upcoming AI features that were set to revolutionize the way we manage server security. Today, I am pleased to announce that BitNinja has kept its promises by introducing a new, advanced AI Patch Management module.

The latest update brings an AI-based patch management module that not only identifies but also neutralizes security vulnerabilities in CMS systems such as WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal.

In the world of CMS systems, where new vulnerabilities are discovered almost daily, BitNinja offers zero-day protection with its WAF module. However, the AI Patch Manager module handles these challenges even more effectively by generating patches in an AI-assisted manner, but always with human verification. This allows for an immediate response to new vulnerabilities.

Simple management from the UI

Managing the AI Patch Management module is incredibly simple — upon activation, the module immediately identifies patchable files. Then, patches can be applied manually from the UI, individually for each server or even at the cluster level.

The new module is fully integrated with the BitNinja ecosystem, which enables quick identification and listing of files that can be patched, without the need to rescan the entire server. Moreover, the AI Patch Management module is available in the basic package, at no additional cost.

In case of issues with a patched file, the developers declare that there is an option to revert the patch at any time, restoring the original files. BitNinja also takes care of situations when a plugin or CMS is updated in the meantime, not reinstating the patch if the related files have already been updated.