This month marks a significant milestone for the .ART domain registry as it celebrates its 7th birthday. Since its launch on May 10, 2017, .ART has grown exponentially, becoming the digital home for over 260,000 artists, creators, museums, galleries, and institutions globally. This growth is a testament to the registry’s commitment to nurturing a vibrant community where art and technology intersect.

A digital space for artistic expression

The .ART domain has firmly established itself as an essential space for artistic expression and cultural engagement. Over the past seven years, the TLD (Top-Level Domain) has hosted a diverse range of artistic entities, from individual artists to renowned museums and galleries. The journey from its inception to now reflects a steady and impressive increase in registrations, as illustrated by the registration graph.

This graph highlights the consistent growth in .ART registrations, with a marked increase especially notable in recent years. As of now, the domain boasts over 260,000 registrations, demonstrating its popularity and the value it brings to the art community.

The market share data further underscores .ART’s significant impact. The pie chart showcases the diverse range of registrars managing .ART domains, with NameCheap, Inc.,, LLC, and Tucows Domains Inc. leading the pack. This distribution indicates a healthy and competitive market, ensuring that users have multiple options when registering their .ART domains.

Looking ahead

As .ART steps into its eighth year, the registry remains committed to providing a dynamic platform for artistic and cultural institutions. Founder Ulvi Kasimo expressed their ongoing dedication, stating, “As we step into our eighth year, we remain devoted to providing a dynamic platform that empowers artistic and cultural institutions to innovate, share, and connect.

The future looks promising for .ART, with continued initiatives aimed at leveraging the synergy between art and technology. This commitment not only fosters a dynamic community but also ensures that .ART remains a vital space for art lovers worldwide.

Happy 7th birthday to .ART, and here’s to many more years of supporting and celebrating the arts in the digital realm!