GoDaddy is set to host another NameFind domain name auction this June, following the success of its previous auction held in December. The upcoming auction will start on June 13 at 12:30 ET and conclude on June 20. This format differs slightly from the last event, with all lots beginning and ending on the same day, unlike the staggered start times previously utilized.

The auction will feature nearly 400 domains, offering a diverse range of domain types to bidders. This consistent timing for all lots is intended to simplify the process for participants, allowing them to plan their bidding strategies more effectively.

Auction details

  • Start Date: June 13, 12:30 ET
  • End Date: June 20
  • Format: All lots start and end on the same day
  • Number of Domains: Close to 400

Domain highlights

This auction includes a variety of domain categories, offering options for different preferences and needs. Some of the notable domains in this auction include:

  • Two-number .org Domains: Highly sought after for their rarity and potential value.
  • Ten Three-number .org Domains: These domains are often favored for their simplicity and memorability.
  • Three-letter .org Domains: These are versatile and can be used for various purposes, from branding to specific projects.
  • One-word .com Domains: This category includes premium domains like,, and, which are particularly valuable for their straightforwardness and marketability.

Despite the absence of three-letter .com domains this time, the auction still presents a strong selection of other valuable domains, catering to a wide range of interests and industries.

Auction format and future plans

GoDaddy continues to experiment with and refine its auction format. The chosen model for this auction ensures that all domains have no reserves but start at various prices, effectively setting the starting bids at the reserve price. This approach has several benefits:

  • Transparency: Bidders know exactly what to expect, with no hidden reserve prices to complicate the process.
  • Engagement: The clear pricing model encourages more active participation, as bidders feel more confident in their chances of winning.

Looking to the future, GoDaddy is considering allowing third-party sellers to submit their inventory for inclusion in future auctions. This potential expansion could significantly enhance the auction platform by:

  • Increasing Variety: More domains from various sources could lead to a richer and more diverse selection.
  • Boosting Participation: More sellers might attract more buyers, fostering a more dynamic and competitive auction environment.

GoDaddy’s innovative approach to domain auctions is designed to streamline the process and improve the overall experience for both buyers and sellers. By constantly refining the auction format and exploring new possibilities, GoDaddy aims to remain at the forefront of the domain auction market.