On the webhostingtalk.com forum, an interesting discussion has emerged among hosting company representatives who are analyzing the control panel market due to the rising costs of cPanel. Users are sharing their experiences and insights on alternatives such as Webuzo, DirectAdmin, Enhance, and other control panels.

The rising cost of cPanel

The initial post that sparked this discussion came from a user ‘Hostever” worried about the consistent and steep price increases of cPanel licenses. This user explored Webuzo as an alternative and asked the community for feedback on large-scale deployments of Webuzo and other cPanel alternatives. The concerns are well-placed, as each price hike compels users to reconsider their current setup and explore cost-effective solutions.

Exploring Webuzo

Webuzo emerges as a prominent alternative, praised for its updated user interface and improved migration tools. Users shared their migration experiences, often comparing it to DirectAdmin and noting that Webuzo offered a smoother transition.

I migrated 3 servers from cPanel; there were no technical issues I faced during this migration, but there was a UI bug in the Transfer tool. It’s already fixed in the new UI.” – Hostever

However, some users pointed out that Webuzo still has areas that need improvement, such as the migration process logs and support systems.

Webuzo also lacks a few important features. They haven’t yet integrated RSpamd, multi-user redis, and hourly/daily limits on outgoing email per email address/Webuzo account.” – MechanicWeb-shoss

In addition, users noted that while the migration process is now faster and more efficient, the logs generated during migration are difficult to understand, and the user interface could benefit from further enhancements.

DirectAdmin: A close contender

DirectAdmin was frequently mentioned as a viable cPanel alternative, especially in terms of user experience and features. Users appreciated its stability and resource efficiency but noted that it could be less intuitive compared to cPanel.

Some users mentioned that DirectAdmin’s workflow could be improved, particularly the file manager and overall user interface, which some found cumbersome compared to cPanel.

The rise of enhance

Enhance, a newer entrant in the market, has gained traction for its innovative features and user-friendly interface. Users appreciated its comprehensive approach, integrating various functionalities that traditionally required third-party solutions in cPanel.

Despite its advantages, some users expressed concerns about Enhance being developed by a hosting provider, potentially leading to conflicts of interest. Additionally, Enhance’s use of Docker has been criticized for making it more resource-intensive compared to other control panels.

Enhance is a bit sluggish compared to the other panels due to Docker, but as a result, there is a higher level of protection when it comes to common security vulnerabilities that tend to plague shared hosting servers.” – Patrick

Enhance offers significant advantages like ease of managing server clusters and integration with tools such as Cloudflare, which makes it an appealing choice despite the higher resource consumption associated with Docker.

Other control panels: SPanel and Beyond

Other control panels such as SPanel, InterWorx, and CyberPanel were also discussed. SPanel, in particular, received praise for its responsive development team and feature set but was critiqued for being run by a hosting provider and requiring company installation.

SPanel is doing something all other mainstream control panels have ignored. They are creating an alternative to CloudLinux’s LVE manager.” – MechanicWeb-shoss

SPanel’s integration with Cloudflare and its unique features, like a functional 1-click WordPress manager, were highlighted as significant advantages. However, the lack of self-installation and comprehensive documentation were seen as drawbacks.

Support and Community

One of the most significant areas of improvement identified in the discussion was the need for better technical support and more comprehensive documentation for Webuzo. Users noted that while Webuzo’s support team is responsive, the quality of the support and the availability of detailed documentation are lacking.

Several participants suggested that Webuzo should establish a dedicated forum for better community engagement and support, separate from the Softaculous forum where it is currently housed. This would not only enhance communication but also foster a more robust support network among users.

Webuzo needs to sort its forum and support out. It doesn’t look professional/fast enough.” – Forum User

Yeah, I also want a separate forum & support system for Webuzo control panel & feature request section,” – Forum User

The discussion underscored the importance of community support and documentation for any control panel aiming to replace cPanel. Users emphasized the need for robust forums, timely support, and comprehensive documentation to facilitate smooth transitions and operations.

Webuzo needs to sort its forum and support out. It doesn’t look professional/fast enough.” – Forum User

Several users suggested that Webuzo should establish a dedicated forum separate from Softaculous to better support its user base and foster a more engaged community.


As cPanel continues to increase its prices, the search for alternatives becomes more critical for hosting providers. Webuzo, DirectAdmin, Enhance, and other control panels offer promising features and improvements, but each has its strengths and weaknesses. Engaging with the community and sharing experiences can help identify the best fit for different needs and preferences, ensuring a smooth transition and cost-effective solution.

By staying informed and exploring these alternatives, hosting providers can mitigate the impact of cPanel’s price hikes and find a control panel that meets their specific requirements and budget.