Plesk Panel, one of the leading server management panels, has introduced a new integration with Codeable – a global freelance marketplace specializing in WordPress. This new feature is available by default in WP Toolkit on selected Plesk servers, allowing customers to easily find WordPress experts to solve problems and complete projects.

Huge benefits for hosting providers

Thanks to the integration with Codeable, hosting providers can offer their customers support that goes beyond the standard scope of services. This means that even the most advanced WordPress-related issues can be resolved by skilled experts from Codeable. Instead of informing clients that they need to find an external developer, the hosting provider can propose a direct solution through Codeable, which increases customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Reducing customer churn and support burden

Customer retention is crucial for the profitability of hosting services. With the integration of Codeable, providers can ensure that customer problems are solved quickly and effectively, minimizing the risk of customers switching to competitors. Satisfied customers are more likely to renew their hosting plans, which in turn increases the stability and profitability of the company.

Additionally, support teams are often overwhelmed with requests that exceed their expertise. By redirecting such requests to Codeable, the support team can focus on their primary responsibilities, ensuring high-quality service for standard offerings. This not only optimizes the team’s work but also significantly improves operational efficiency.

Benefits for end users

End users of hosting services gain access to a wide range of WordPress experts who can quickly and effectively solve their problems. This means less downtime and greater website efficiency. Also the integration allows site administrators to easily hire developers directly from the Plesk panel or WordPress interface. Users can quickly engage with the best specialists without the need to find suitable individuals on their own.

Comparison with other marketplaces

Most hosting services on the market offer cooperation with selected partner companies, which limits user choice. These partnerships typically involve a narrow range of services and a limited pool of experts, restricting the flexibility and options available to users.

In contrast, the integration of Plesk with Codeable opens the door to a global platform that offers a wide range of services and access to a vast network of WordPress experts. This solution provides significantly greater flexibility and choice for users, allowing them to find the best-suited experts for their specific needs, regardless of their complexity or scope.

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Moreover, Codeable’s rigorous vetting process ensures that all freelancers on the platform are highly skilled and experienced, guaranteeing a high level of quality and reliability in the services provided. This contrasts with other marketplaces where the quality and expertise of available professionals can vary widely.

The global reach and diverse expertise available through Codeable mean that users are not limited to pre-selected partners but can choose from a broader spectrum of service providers. This broader choice is a definitive advantage, enhancing the overall user experience and satisfaction.

By leveraging the extensive network and robust quality assurance of Codeable, Plesk sets a new standard in hosting service support. This positions Plesk ahead of competitors who offer more restrictive and limited marketplace integrations. Such a forward-thinking approach not only meets but exceeds the evolving needs of hosting providers and their customers, marking a significant step towards the future of technical support in the hosting industry.

How the integration works and how to use It?

The integration with Codeable is enabled by default in WP Toolkit on selected Plesk servers. Site administrators can see the “Hire a Developer” option, which redirects them to the Codeable page where they can submit a request. Service rates range from $80 to $120 per hour, depending on the complexity and urgency of the task.

How to hire a developer in Plesk?

The future of technical support? Maybe!

The integration of Plesk with Codeable is a step towards the future, where flexibility, speed, and quality of technical support become a priority. By enabling hosting providers to offer extended support without increasing internal resources, Plesk introduces a scalable solution that boosts customer satisfaction and operational efficiency. Customers benefit from immediate access to a global pool of WordPress experts, ensuring prompt and professional issue resolution.

This integration challenges the traditional model of technical support, leveraging the collective expertise of a worldwide network of freelancers. By adopting this forward-thinking approach, Plesk not only meets current needs but also sets a new industry standard, paving the way for future advancements in technical support. The collaboration with Codeable is more than just a feature—it’s a transformative move positioning Plesk at the forefront of technical support innovation. The future of technical support is here, and with Plesk and Codeable leading the way, it looks promising indeed.