Just two weeks ago, HOSTAFRICA, a prominent web hosting provider, announced the acquisition of Naijawebhost, a leading Nigerian web hosting company. This strategic acquisition aims to enhance HOSTAFRICA’s footprint in the Nigerian market by leveraging Naijawebhost’s strong local reputation and extensive customer base. The integration promises improved performance, reliability, and customer satisfaction for both existing and new customers in Nigeria.

Today, HOSTAFRICA made another significant announcement on their LinkedIn profile:

Analysis of Recent Developments

The recent acquisition of deepAfrica’s hosting assets is a testament to HOSTAFRICA’s aggressive expansion strategy in Africa. This is the company’s fourth acquisition in Kenya, following its strategic focus on consolidating a fragmented hosting market through targeted acquisitions of reputable companies. deepAfrica, founded in May 2004, is a well-established hosting provider with a solid customer base, including the brands hostpoa.co.ke and Jijihost.com. These assets will be integrated into HOSTAFRICA’s operations, enhancing service offerings and market presence in Kenya.

Future Outlook and Strategic Importance

HOSTAFRICA’s rapid growth is not just a result of its strategic acquisitions but also its commitment to maintaining high standards of service and support. Michael Osterloh, CEO of HOSTAFRICA, expressed his enthusiasm about the acquisition, highlighting its role in enhancing the company’s service offerings and market presence in Africa.

This move highlights our commitment to expanding our footprint across Africa. deepAfrica’s strong reputation and assets will enhance our service offerings and market presence. We applaud George Nyaswenta and his team for establishing a competitive hosting business. We welcome deepAfrica into the HOSTAFRICA family.”

George Nyaswenta, owner of deepAfrica, also commented on the acquisition:

“Joining HOSTAFRICA marks an exciting new chapter for our company and customers. Their extensive resources and commitment to high standards are a win for our clients. We are confident it will be a smooth transition, beneficial for all parties involved.

The strategic acquisitions of Naijawebhost and deepAfrica are crucial for HOSTAFRICA’s goal to dominate the African hosting market.

These moves indicate a clear intention to consolidate the market and provide top-tier services across the continent. The integration of these companies’ assets into HOSTAFRICA’s infrastructure is expected to offer seamless service and high reliability, catering to the diverse needs of hosting businesses in Africa.


HOSTAFRICA’s recent acquisitions of Naijawebhost and deepAfrica highlight the company’s strategic commitment to expanding its market presence in Africa. These acquisitions are expected to significantly enhance HOSTAFRICA’s service offerings, ensuring improved performance and customer satisfaction. As the digital landscape in Africa continues to evolve, HOSTAFRICA is poised to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of web hosting on the continent, setting new benchmarks for excellence in service and support.