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S01E02 – Simon Best: AI IS NOT ENOUGH for sitebuilders to succeed

Guest: Simon Best

My guest is Simon Best, CEO and Founder of BaseKit, a company that offers white-label digital products such as website builders, e-commerce, and bookings software.

Their key go-to-market strategy involves partnerships with leading telcos and web hosting businesses worldwide, including Miss Group, Aruba, and Fasthosts.

In this episode, Simon shares his company’s story, his approach to business, and explains the future opportunities for software and hosting providers.

Is AI really revolutionizing sitebuilders? How are sitebuilders evolving? Is it easy to partner with web hosting companies given the consolidation in our industry? What are the opportunities in the emerging markets like Africa or Asia?

You will find all the answers in this episode of Konrad’s Corner where I interview Simon Best, founder and CEO of Basekit.