Verisign recently released its 2023 earnings report, unveiling not just the year’s performance but also its roadmap for 2024. Among the key highlights was the announcement of the final price increase for .com domains, which will see costs rising to $10.26. This strategic move marks a significant moment for the domain industry, reflecting Verisign’s response to evolving market dynamics and… the need to balance profits against the number of domains held, which has declined.

Starting September 2024, the annual fee for .com domains will rise to $10.26 from the current $9.59. This 7% hike, marking the culmination of a series of allowed increases over the past four years, is attributed to contractual terms with ICANN and is part of a broader strategy amidst the changing landscape of domain registrations and internet usage.

The chart illustrates a gentle decline in .com and .net domains held relative to Q4/2022.

The upcoming price hike for .com and .net domains by Verisign can be attributed, in part, to the decrease in the number of domains managed. Regulatory and economic changes in China have significantly impacted this, leading to a reduction of 1.2 million domains. This move aims to bolster Verisign’s financial standing, especially noteworthy given the company’s 4.8% revenue increase in 2023. This growth, partially fueled by a similar domain price increase last year, underscores the company’s response to market dynamics and its efforts to sustain financial health amidst declining domain registrations.


Verisign’s decision underscores the delicate balance that companies must strike between maintaining financial stability and adapting to customer needs. What more can we say… the path the company has taken may also be followed by other domain resellers, which will involve general changes in domain registration prices in the market.

When the dust settled after the recent .com domain price hike, the digital community found itself at a crossroads. Today, again, the impending .com domain price adjustment heralds a new chapter in the domain landscape. For now, the decision has resonated with the media, so let’s wait and see how events unfold in the coming months. We still have some time until September.