In just one year, the domain market has witnessed an extraordinary transformation. The nTLD .cfd extension, initially recording 153,650 active domains in February 2023, achieved an impressive growth, soaring to 1,338,690 domains by February 2024. This phenomenal growth not only highlights the dynamic nature of the digital landscape but also accentuates .cfd as a significant player in the domain market, capturing 3.13% of its shares. But what exactly stands behind this extension, and why is it gaining popularity so rapidly?

Market share of .cfd
Market share of .cfd

The .cfd extension, available to all since 2021, breaks away from traditional internet naming conventions, steering straight into the future of the fashion and design industry. The acronym .cfd, standing for “Clothing, Fashion, Design”, not only resonates perfectly with the aspirations of fashion designers, fashion houses, clothing brands, models, influencers, footwear businesses, cosmetic companies, and online retailers, but also offers limitless possibilities for enterprises from other sectors. Distinguishing itself among other extensions, .cfd has become synonymous with innovation and creativity, attracting those who wish to stand out in the digital world, regardless of their field of operation.

Increase in domain registrations
Increase in domain registrations

The initial trajectory of the .cfd domain did not indicate such a surge in registration numbers. At the end of 2021, there were only 12,256 active registrations, and the end of the year also appeared as a flat line, providing just 154,521 active domains as of December 31, 2022.

It was only in 2023, starting with the second quarter, that the mass registration of domains with this extension began to accelerate. In April 2023 alone, 90,000 .cfd domains were registered, and with each subsequent month, this number multiplied several times.

Throughout 2023, the number of registrations increased by 629.96% – from 155,336 to 1,134,199 active domains! Now, the question arises regarding market saturation. From what we see in the statistics, the number of registrations has dramatically fallen to 4,600 domains in the first ongoing quarter of 2024.

But who is responsible for the highest level of the domain’s promotion? On the list, we have three leaders: GMO Internet Group, Namecheap, and West263 International Limited. They are responsible for the following number of registrations of this domain extension:

Who registers the most domains?
Who registers the most domains?
  • GMO Internet Group – over 650,000 domains
  • West263 – nearly 175,000 registered .cfd domains
  • Namecheap – nearly 99,000 domain registrations

These entities have played a pivotal role in driving the remarkable expansion of the .cfd domain, each contributing significantly to its widespread adoption and the explosive growth in registrations observed over the past year.

We also checked the maintenance costs of the domain for the consumer market, and the prices are quite digestible:

  • The most affordable domain is available at, with registration, renewal, and transfer costs at $10.00.
  • In second place is Namecheap, offering domain registration and transfer for $11.98, with renewal priced at $12.98.
  • Third place goes to, offering a steady price of $18.75 for domain maintenance.
  • However,, although offering domain registration at $13.65, has astronomical costs for its transfer or renewal at $19.99.


In light of the recent developments and statistical insights, it appears that the .cfd domain may be heading towards a period of stagnation in the near future, as the wave of its spectacular boom has seemingly subsided. Despite this slowdown, the .cfd domain remains an intriguing option for many, thanks to its short and memorable extension that resonates well with the clothing, fashion, and design industries, among others. Moreover, the achievements of the .cfd domain over the last year are indeed enviable, with a remarkable increase in registrations that few could have predicted.

The leading role of entities such as GMO Internet Group, Namecheap, and West263 International Limited in promoting the domain has been crucial to its rapid expansion. However, as the market begins to saturate, and with the recent dip in registrations, it’s clear that the .cfd domain faces new challenges ahead. Despite these hurdles, the domain continues to offer competitive maintenance costs, making it accessible to a wide range of consumers.

In conclusion, while the .cfd domain may experience a slowdown after its initial explosive growth, its unique position and the impressive milestones achieved in the past year suggest that it still holds significant potential. Its easy-to-remember nature, coupled with its relevance to a specific yet broad market segment, ensures that .cfd remains a domain worth considering for future projects and endeavors.