ICANN spent $5 million more than planned

ICANN, the global coordinator for the Internet’s system of domains, reported spending $72 million out of its $74 million revenue in the six months leading...

.CFD market’s rapid registration surge

In just one year, the domain market has witnessed an extraordinary transformation. The nTLD .cfd extension, initially recording 153,650 active domains in February 2023, achieved an impressive growth, soaring to 1,338,690 domains by February 2024.

Shift: VPS over Resellers

In December 2023, HostGator withdrew from offering Reseller hosting services, replacing them with a VPS server offer. As we learned from HostGator’s website and in direct conversations with their staff, the change may have its roots fully linked to Network Solution. Price-wise, it’s… expensive. Even very much so.

GoDaddy’s stock reaches all-time high, with the company’s value nearing $16 billion USD.

In the latest financial report released by GoDaddy Inc., the renowned web services company has showcased a stellar performance, underscoring its resilience and growth potential in the hosting market. Let's delve into the details of GoDaddy's financial results, contextualizing them within the broader narrative of shareholder expectations.

Verisign’s 2023 performance

We check Verisign's report for the last quarter of 2023 and compare it with statements for previous years. Is the registrar holding up well despite declines in maintained domains? What are its plans for this year? We already know!

Merging giants: Nexcess meets Liquid Web

With over 500,000 sites under its belt and a global footprint spanning 150 countries, the unified brand promises to offer an unparalleled range of web hosting services. This includes leveraging Nexcess’s ecommerce prowess and Liquid Web’s robust hosting platforms to innovate and elevate hosting technologies continually.

OVH opens its first two local zones

OVHcloud is just launching its first two Local Zones in Europe. However, plans go further and by 2026 they want to have as many as 150 Local Zones of their own. We check it out and compare it to the competitor.

Namecheap further on the warpath with ICANN

Namecheap is once again suing ICAAN after a one-year break. Today we’re going to dig deeper into the chronological sequence of events that showcases Namecheap’s relentless pursuit to safeguard domain name price caps.

From web to wallet: GoDaddy and ENS’s revolutionary crypto collaboration

This partnership aims to seamlessly integrate traditional domain names with blockchain technology, enabling a new level of interaction between web users and crypto wallets.

Hostinger’s milestone of 2.5 million active clients: a testament to strategic growth

Hostinger's impressive rise from 1.5 million to 2.5 million in just two years. This achievement is not just a number - it is a testament to Hostinger's strategic growth, innovative solutions and customer-centric approach.