In a groundbreaking development, Orange Domains has been announced as a new joint venture by Tucows, Trust Machines, and Hiro, aiming to revolutionize the way we interact with the internet. This collaboration seeks to create a seamless bridge between the conventional internet experience and the burgeoning world of Web3, promising to unlock new possibilities for digital identity and domain services.

Orange Domains stands at the forefront of integrating the traditional Domain Name System (DNS) with the Bitcoin Name System (BNS), through innovative decentralized applications. This initiative not only expands the functionality of BNS but also paves the way for the development of new top-level domain services, ensuring a smoother transition into the Web3 ecosystem for everyday users.

The venture has attracted attention for its potential to simplify access to Web3 technologies, allowing users to leverage their domains as digital identities similar to NFTs. This single-domain solution aims to consolidate various online activities, including website building, email communication, and the secure management of finances, art, and contracts, all on the blockchain.

orange domain site

Dave Woroch, CEO of Tucows Domains, shared his enthusiasm for the project, stating, “Orange Domains is going to set a critical industry standard for how domain names, identity, and Web3 coincide. As a pioneer in the domains industry with 30 years of experience, Tucows is particularly well-positioned to support this venture. We bring the DNS infrastructure, vital distribution channels, and critical industry expertise that will help Orange Domains bridge Web3 with the traditional internet experience of everyday users. Together, this team is positioned to trailblaze the next chapter in web evolution.”

The partnership reflects a significant commitment to advancing the integration of Web3 technologies with established internet frameworks, promising to make digital identities more accessible and functional for a broader audience. As the world gradually moves towards a more decentralized and blockchain-powered internet, initiatives like Orange Domains are critical in shaping the future of digital interaction and identity management.