Epik LLC, now under the fresh ownership of Registered Agents Inc., is steering its course towards an empowering future, focusing on nurturing the ambitions of entrepreneurs and small business owners. This strategic shift comes after its recent accreditation transfer by ICANN, marking a significant pivot from its past affiliations.

A renewed mission

Previously known for its leniency towards far-right websites, Epik’s association with such content has come to an end. The company is determined to leave behind its reputation as a “safe haven” for controversial groups. With new leadership at the helm, Epik is rededicating itself to fostering a safe, inclusive online environment free from hate speech and intolerance.

The rebranding effort underscores Epik’s commitment to prioritizing the safety of its customers and the public. This involves a comprehensive overhaul of the company’s terms of service, ensuring strict compliance and a zero-tolerance stance against any form of hatred or illegal activity.

Steps toward transformation

To align with its new vision, Epik has implemented several key measures:

  • Refocusing on Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses: Epik aims to be the backbone for budding entrepreneurs and small businesses by offering robust digital services tailored to their unique needs.
  • Revamping Terms of Service: A rigorous review and update of Epik’s terms of service have been undertaken, distancing the company from any associations that contravene its policies or the law.
  • Enhancing Customer Experience: The company is updating its procedures, both public and internal, to ensure that the customer experience is seamless, supportive, and secure.

Moving beyond the past

The outdated public perception of Epik is set for a revision. Contrary to its former image listed on Wikipedia and other platforms, a recent WHOIS search dated February 9, 2024, confirms that Epik has ceased to act as the registrar for numerous domains previously connected with far-right ideologies, including:

  • gab.com
  • bitchute.com
  • dailystormer.in
  • 8kun.top
  • infowars.com
  • kiwifarms.net
  • ar15.com

A future built on integrity and support

As Epik embarks on this new chapter, its focus is clear: to create a supportive, safe, and productive online ecosystem for entrepreneurs and small businesses. By turning the page on its past and looking towards a future filled with possibility, Epik LLC is committed to being a force for good in the digital domain landscape.