On July 14, 2024, the discontinuation of DNS server services by Zilore will take place, which has surprised and saddened numerous users worldwide. Zilore, known for its fast, reliable, and globally available DNS hosting service, announced this unexpected move, triggering a range of reactions among its customers.

Reasons for the service termination

The decision to discontinue the service was not easy for the Zilore team. In an official statement, the company expressed that continuing to provide services at a high level had become unsustainable due to low business margins and the need to focus the team on other projects. This made it impossible to maintain the quality of the product without compromises.

The news of the service termination came as a surprise to many, considering the positive reviews and opinions Zilore had collected on platforms like g2.com. Users who had relied on Zilore’s stability and functionality for years expressed sadness and concern about the need to look for alternative solutions.

Migration to competitive services

Zilore encourages its users to take advantage of the BIND format data export functionality, enabling the easy transfer of existing configurations, except for GEO/Failover records. Additionally, the company promises refunds for unused funds to users with annual tariffs, a gesture showing care for the customer’s well-being even in the difficult moment of farewell.

Currently, Zilore’s website only redirects to the client panel, it is still possible to create an account, but access allows only for domain monitoring to be initiated.


The discontinuation of DNS server services by Zilore marks a significant moment for the technology industry, especially for companies and users who relied on its services daily. It serves as a reminder of the market’s volatility and the importance of adapting to new conditions. For many, it will be an opportunity to discover new solutions that may offer equally good or even better possibilities in DNS management. Very often in the comments, AWS services are scrolled over as the ones that should be taken first for DNS zone migration.