MojoHost has recently announced on their LinkedIn and Twitter profiles a groundbreaking development in their services. Their Content Delivery Network (MojoCDN) has significantly expanded, now boasting 53 locations across all inhabited continents. This development marks a major milestone in the CDN industry, offering unprecedented global reach without additional costs to customers.

Previously covering 28 locations primarily in North America and Europe, MojoCDN has now extended its reach to 53 strategic locations worldwide. This expansion not only doubles its service capacity but also places MojoCDN at the forefront of global content delivery networks. Such a wide-reaching network ensures users across the globe can experience reduced latency and improved performance on websites and applications powered by MojoCDN.

Commitment to affordability and excellence

Unlike other CDN providers that charge extra for comprehensive global coverage, MojoCDN stands out by offering its extended network as a standard feature, with no additional cost. This approach not only reflects MojoHost’s commitment to affordability but also their dedication to excellence. By maintaining everyday rates significantly lower than competitors like Amazon CloudFront, MojoCDN ensures top-tier service accessibility for all its users.

The expansion of MojoCDN is a game-changer for business owners and online enterprises. With all CDN locations enabled by default in customer configurations, businesses can instantly benefit from reduced latency, turbo-charged site performance, and enhanced reliability. Brad Mitchell, President of MojoHost, underscores this development as a significant deliverable to clients worldwide, embodying the essence of #ThatsGoodMojo by absorbing increased delivery costs without affecting customer rates.

Pricing strategy

MojoCDN maintains transparent and affordable pricing, with rates ranging from $5-10 per 1TB (data transfer in and out) for small to regular users. Large-volume users, with over 200TB of monthly data transfer, are encouraged to contact MojoHost for custom pricing. This inclusive pricing strategy, coupled with the latest network expansion, invites businesses and content providers to leverage MojoCDN for global market penetration without incurring additional costs.


MojoCDN’s expansion to 53 global locations represents a significant stride towards democratizing content delivery at scale. By offering this enhanced network without additional fees, MojoHost reaffirms its commitment to customer success and industry leadership. Businesses worldwide are invited to experience the MojoCDN difference, ensuring their content reaches global audiences efficiently and reliably.