Hostinger, a global leader in hosting services, recently celebrated reaching a significant milestone: 2.5 million active customers. This achievement not only highlights the scale of its operations but also indicates an effective strategy for development and adaptation in the dynamically changing world of hosting. In February 2024, it proudly reported a growth from 1.5 million customers in just two years, demonstrating the company’s ability to quickly adapt and maintain a leadership position in a competitive industry. Continuing this trajectory, Hostinger is now investing in a record number of Dell servers with AMD EPYC processors, marking another step in the development of the infrastructure necessary to support its growing user base.

Investment details

As part of its latest investment, Hostinger has decided to purchase 800 Dell PowerEdge R6615 servers, which are equipped with modern AMD EPYC 9354P processors. This is part of a long-term collaboration with Dell Technologies and AMD, providing the company access to the latest technological achievements and innovative solutions.

The Dell PowerEdge R6615 servers are not only characterized by exceptional performance but also increased energy efficiency. The advanced AMD EPYC 9354P processors, which are at the core of these servers, offer excellent scalability and are adapted to handle intensive network workloads, which is crucial for hosting operations.

For years, Dell servers have reliably powered Hostinger services worldwide. As one of our largest and most significant clients in the Baltic region, this deal solidifies our partnership. With Hostinger’s remarkable growth, we anticipate further opportunities for close cooperation in the future,” adds Darius Korys, Account Executive for Dell Technologies in Lithuania.


Hostinger’s investment in 800 Dell servers equipped with AMD EPYC processors represents a strategic move that strengthens the company’s position in the hosting industry. The new servers, already actively utilized in the newly opened data center in Boston, demonstrate that the company not only follows the latest trends in technology but also actively shapes them.

Hostinger, mindful of the ecological aspects of its operations, chose servers that comply with the latest standards for energy efficiency. Reducing energy consumption not only helps to lessen the environmental impact but also lowers the maintenance costs of the data center.