Andorra plans to revolutionize the registration policy of its national ccTLD (.ad), making it the latest potential domain hook for the English-speaking world. These changes will take effect later this year.

.ad domains will be available to all interested parties worldwide from October, through a list of approved registrars to be published soon. Wholesale prices for general availability will be about 15 euros (about 16 dollars) per year.

Currently, these domains are only available to citizens of Andorra, who must personally report to the trademark office, but it seems that the registry operator, Andorra Telecom, has moved to a standardized EPP backend with all the typical business logic that entails.

Before the entry into general availability, starting May 22, there will be a gradual preparatory phase, combining elements of typical sunrise (preliminary registration) and landrush (fast registration) periods. Foreign trademark owners will be able to submit applications during this period.

Interestingly, it also seems that during this period it will be possible to register an .ad domain corresponding to your domain in another TLD, even without a matching trademark.

The .ad domain, short for the English word “advertisement,” has unique marketing potential that can attract many companies and entrepreneurs from outside Andorra. In the modern digital world, where online advertising plays a key role, having an easily recognizable and memorable domain is of invaluable worth. The .ad domain perfectly fits this need, offering unique opportunities for advertising campaigns and online promotions.

Furthermore, the fact that Google owns the .ads domain but has not yet launched it, further raises the value of the .ad domain. In the world of digital marketing, having a short and memorable domain, which is also a recognizable industry abbreviation, can be a significant competitive advantage. This makes the .ad domain attractive not only as a single brand but also as part of a broader marketing strategy, especially as the unavailability of the .ads domain maintains .ad in a unique market position.

Additionally, the liberalization of the registration policy for this domain and its global opening may make it a popular choice for international companies looking for an effective way to distinguish their advertising activities online. These companies can use .ad to build a strong, recognizable brand that is directly associated with advertising, which can be particularly valuable in industries related to marketing, digital advertising, or media.

In light of these facts, the decision by Andorra Telecom to globally open the .ad domain can be seen as a strategic move aimed not only at increasing the number of registrations but also at strengthening Andorra’s global position as an innovative player in the digital market.