OVHcloud, a leading European cloud provider, has inaugurated its first “Local Zone” public cloud in Prague. This strategic move is set to facilitate Polish businesses in their expansion into the Czech Republic, leveraging advanced edge computing technology to deploy cloud infrastructure in just a few weeks.

The new Local Zone in Prague, alongside previously established zones in Brussels and Madrid, offers customers enhanced access to public cloud services with reduced latency and local data residency. The Prague zone meets stringent security requirements for sectors such as finance, banking, and government, and complies fully with European digital sovereignty and security regulations.

Benefits of OVHcloud Open & Trusted Cloud

The Prague Local Zone provides customers with the advantages of an open and trusted cloud computing environment. With data stored and processed within the country’s borders and accessed via the cloud, clients are assured that their data remains within the geographic limits set by local regulations or security policies. This is particularly crucial for industries like consulting, financial services, and healthcare.

Local Zones also ensure lower data transmission latency, benefiting applications sensitive to delays, such as real-time analytics, e-commerce, CDN services for media storage and sharing, and cloud gaming. By achieving latencies in the single milliseconds range, these zones enable high-performance cloud gaming with minimal lag, enhancing user experience.

Robert Paszkiewicz, VP CEE at OVHcloud, highlighted the significance of this development: “The presence of Local Zone in Prague marks a breakthrough in OVHcloud’s relationship with the Czech Republic. Our clients can now enjoy even more secure, fast, and efficient services, supporting the growth of local businesses and international expansion into the Czech market.

Collaboration and future developments

Marzena Rybicka-Szudera, CEO of Sopra Steria Poland, emphasized the collaborative efforts: “Sopra Steria and OVHcloud have developed a unique set of solutions to help public and private organizations in Europe achieve secure digital transformation. The partnership in launching the Prague Local Zone is a crucial step in our collaboration. The proximity of our Polish branch in Katowice opens new business opportunities, which we plan to explore during the upcoming event.

Organizations can utilize public cloud functions in the Local Zone, including Compute, Block Storage, and Network services. Additional services will be rolled out in the coming months through an iterative development model, offering features like Object Storage and Managed Rancher Service for Kubernetes management, alongside various AI and Machine Learning solutions.

Expansion plan: 150 Local Zones by 2026

In response to the growing global cloud services market, OVHcloud has developed a plan to establish 150 Local Zones by 2026 across existing and new locations. By distributing computing power among numerous smaller data centers strategically located in major business hubs, OVHcloud eliminates the need for long-distance data transfer, ensuring compliance with local regulations and enhancing application performance. This approach facilitates the development and expansion of local enterprises’ services cost-effectively.

The Local Zone in Prague is now operational, and customers can deploy their public cloud services directly from the OVHcloud customer interface.