recently celebrated a significant milestone, marking four years since its public launch. The journey from its inception to becoming a key player in the hosting industry has been marked by continuous growth, internal advancements, and robust community engagement. Let’s delve into the highlights of’s fourth year and the exciting developments on the horizon.

A year of internal growth

In the past year, has made substantial investments in operational growth. These investments span from staffing enhancements to significant API improvements, ensuring the company’s capability to scale efficiently. The appointment of Dave Koston as CTO has been particularly impactful. His expertise in software development and architecture has propelled the company’s technical capabilities, leading to the introduction of crucial features such as Enterprise Disaster Recovery, Lock My Site, Enterprise Identity and Access Management, and Site Templates.

External engagement and community contributions is not just about internal growth – the company is also deeply committed to giving back to the WordPress community. As part of the “Five for the Future” initiative, has sponsored several WordCamps globally. This year, they are set to make their largest WordCamp sponsorship ever at WCUS in Portland, Oregon, from September 17-20, 2024. This event will see the unveiling of new updates and features, making it a must-visit for attendees.

Stellar customer service’s dedication to customer service is a cornerstone of its success. The company prides itself on its top-notch customer service, which has earned a 97% customer satisfaction rate since its inception. Last year alone, handled over 45,000 customer interactions with a response time of under one minute, demonstrating their commitment to providing effective and timely solutions.

The Customer Success Specialist statistics

Platform enhancements and future features

The fourth year has also been a period of significant platform enhancements. Under the leadership of CTO Dave Koston, has focused on building a robust technical foundation to support future growth. This includes massive API improvements and the introduction of features that enhance the platform’s resilience and usability.

Looking ahead, has an exciting lineup of features slated for the fifth year. These include:

  • Site Cloning
  • Managed DNS
  • Transactional Emails
  • Enhanced Staging Functionality
  • All-new Manual Backup System
  • Site Snapshots
  • SAML Integration for Enterprise SSO

These features, coupled with ongoing investments in internal tooling and staffing, position for continued success and innovation.

Looking forward

The foundation built over the past four years not only supports the current operations but also paves the way for future innovations. With a focus on delivering new features and maintaining high standards of customer service, is poised for an even more successful fifth year.