has announced a major investment from Canada Pension Plan Investment Board (CPP Investments), valued at approximately €550 million, acquiring a 20% interest in the company. This transaction values at €4.8 billion, positioning it among the largest privately owned technology companies in Europe.

The significance of the investment

This substantial financial boost is critical for as it represents a significant step towards its growth and expansion plans. With this investment, aims to enhance its service offerings and maintain its competitive edge in the digital solutions market for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) across Europe. Currently serving 3.3 million customers in 22 countries,’s goal is to continue its trajectory of innovation and market presence.

Why this investment matters

The importance of this investment cannot be understated. As one of the leading digital enablers in Europe,’s expanded capital will facilitate further development of products designed to enhance security, ensure GDPR compliance, boost visitor attraction and conversion rates, and improve customer engagement. The backing from CPP Investments, a globally recognized institutional investor, underscores the potential and reliability of’s business model and strategic vision. Jonas Dhaenens, Founder and President of, commented on the significance of the deal:

This is a truly significant moment for our team and the many entrepreneurs who have joined us over the years. We are delighted to welcome CPP Investments, a leading global institutional investor with values that closely align with our own.

Hafiz Lalani, Managing Director and Global Head of Direct Private Equity at CPP Investments, emphasized the potential for growth:

We look forward to working alongside Hg, a long-standing partner to CPP Investments, and the founders and leadership team, to support the platform as it continues on its journey to deliver on multiple growth vectors.


In summary,’s recent funding milestone of €550 million from CPP Investments is a pivotal development, providing the necessary resources to support its ambitious growth and innovation strategies. This investment not only highlights the company’s current market standing but also sets a robust foundation for its future endeavors in the digital landscape.