GoDaddy Inc., a popular provider of internet domains and web hosting services, has reasons to be pleased. In the first quarter of 2024, the company saw a significant increase in revenue, surpassing analysts’ expectations. What’s behind this success? Well, GoDaddy opted to raise prices and increase sales of more expensive domains, especially those from the secondary market, which proved to be a bull’s-eye.

Pricing strategy and its impact

GoDaddy successfully implemented a strategy of raising prices and offering more diversified service packages, which attracted greater interest among premium customers. This paradigm shift enabled the company to more effectively acquire customers willing to invest in pricier domains.

Our growth was driven by strong demand for domains in the primary and secondary market, increased pricing in the primary market and a higher average transaction value in the secondary market” – CFO Mark McCaffrey

In the first quarter of 2024, GoDaddy could boast revenues of $1.1 billion, marking a solid 7% increase compared to the same period in the previous year. This is a clear signal that their pricing and marketing strategies are hitting the mark, attracting more customers willing to pay more for valuable domains.

Even more impressive, the average transaction value in the secondary market significantly increased, contributing to financial results that exceeded expectations. The secondary market, often full of opportunities for domain collectors and investors, turned out to be a gold mine for GoDaddy, generating higher revenues for each domain sold.

We are pleased to announce our strong Q1 results and continued track record of durable growth. We demonstrated attractive progress toward our North Star, delivering strong free cash flow of $327 million alongside continued execution of our capital allocation strategy, which reduced our fully diluted shares outstanding at the end of the quarter to $146 million.” – CFO Mark McCaffrey

The last but equally important financial indicator is the significant increase in free cash flow. The company recorded a whopping $327 million in free cash, representing an impressive 26% growth compared to the previous year. This increase in free cash flow is evidence of GoDaddy’s operational efficiency and its ability to generate more liquid financial resources, which is crucial for further development and investment in new technologies and services.

Effects on the secondary market

The secondary market for internet domains, which includes the sale of already registered domain addresses, proved to be an exceptionally profitable area of business for GoDaddy. In the first quarter of 2024, the company recorded a significant increase in revenues from this segment, resulting from an increased number of transactions and an increase in their average value. This is an indication that premium domains, often treated as investments, are enjoying growing interest in the market.

GoDaddy’s sales strategy in this field was aggressive and focused on maximizing the value of the domains offered. The company utilized specially crafted marketing packages that not only increased the visibility of its offerings among potential buyers but also strengthened GoDaddy’s position as the preferred partner for domain investors and collectors. Through effective advertising campaigns and promotions highlighting the uniqueness and value of premium domains, GoDaddy managed to attract the attention of both new and returning customers, contributing to increased turnover in the secondary market.

GoDaddy is optimistic about the future, forecasting further revenue growth and expanding its product offerings. The company plans to continue its strategy of increasing value for shareholders and further investment in technological innovations, such as AI tools for domain management and website optimization.


Raising prices and effectively selling domains in the secondary market significantly impacted GoDaddy’s financial results in the first quarter of 2024. The change in pricing strategy allowed the company not only to increase revenues but also to strengthen its position as a leader in the competitive internet domain market. With thoughtful policies and innovative solutions, GoDaddy continues its development, providing its customers with valuable and technologically advanced products.