Porkbun reaches 2 million domains under management

Porkbun, the domain registrar known for its affordability and customer-centric approach, has achieved a significant milestone by surpassing 2 million domains under management. This achievement marks a notable acceleration in the company's growth, having taken seven years to reach its first million domains and just two years to double that number.

Spaceship reaches 1 million domains milestone

Richard Kirkendall proudly announced on x.com that the company has reached the milestone of 1 million domains under its management. This rapid growth not only underscores the effectiveness of Spaceship's business strategy but also highlights its commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction.

.XYZ registry celebrates a decade of remarkable growth and success

On Sunday, June 2, the .XYZ Registry will celebrate its 10th anniversary, marking a decade of exceptional growth and success. Founded by Daniel Negari, .XYZ...

ICANN vs. Namecheap: pricing battle

The ICANN vs. Namecheap case is a pivotal moment in the domain registration industry's evolution. The legal arguments and economic analyses presented in this dispute will likely influence future policies and practices regarding domain name pricing.

DotMusic delays the launch of its gTLD again

DotMusic, the organization responsible for the new global top-level domain (gTLD) .music, has once again delayed the launch date of its project. This time, the planned general availability date has been pushed back by more than three months—from June 25 to October 8.

.ART domain celebrates 7th birthday

This month marks a significant milestone for the .ART domain registry as it celebrates its 7th birthday. Since its launch on May 10, 2017, .ART has grown exponentially, becoming the digital home for over 260,000 artists, creators, museums, galleries, and institutions globally.

Squarespace’s bold move: going private in a $6.9 billion deal

Squarespace, the popular website-building platform, is making waves with its decision to go private in a massive $6.9 billion all-cash deal with private equity firm Permira. After nearly three years of turbulence on the public market, this move comes as no surprise to industry insiders.

Unveiling ICANN new gTLD program

The first round, launched a decade ago, brought significant changes and learnings. Now, as ICANN prepares for the second round, we delve into past insights and future expectations, aiming to provide a comprehensive understanding for prospective applicants and industry observers.

.ad domains soon available globally

.ad domains will be available to all interested parties worldwide from October, through a list of approved registrars to be published soon. Wholesale prices for general availability will be about 15 euros (about 16 dollars) per year.

ICANN looks for savings

ICANN anticipates a decrease in its revenues by $3 million, down to $145 million, after it became apparent that domain sales would not be as robust as previously estimated. The organization presented these changes during two teleconferences.