Seamless migration ahead: CloudLinux launches stable ELevate

CloudLinux has recently announced a significant update in their migration tool arsenal — the stable release of ELevate. The journey to this stable version has been a meticulous one, with its foundation laid on November 15, 2023. Today, we're diving into what makes this stable release a game-changer for users and hosting providers alike.

Collaboration between WP Squared and CloudLinux

The world of WordPress hosting is witnessing a groundbreaking evolution with the introduction of WP Squared, a revolutionary hosting solution brought to life by the collaborative efforts of WebPros and CloudLinux.WP Squared stands out by offering a seamless, user-friendly WordPress management experience, enriched with CloudLinux's advanced tech.

Imunify360 replacing reCAPTCHA

Imunify360 has announced the discontinuation of reCAPTCHA in favor of SplashScreen, its own bot protection technology. Decision to fully replace Google reCAPTCHA with SplashScreen is a clear indication of its confidence in its technology and its dedication to maintaining the highest standards of security without imposing additional costs on its use

10 Must-See Exhibitors at CloudFest 2024

Are you planning to attend CloudFest this year but have limited time to explore all the companies present? We’ve prepared a condensed list of this...