Industry discussions: exploring alternatives to cPanel amid rising costs

Every year, as the end of the year approaches, many hosting providers brace themselves for the annual price hike of cPanel licenses. This trend has caused considerable concern among users, leading to a search for viable alternatives.

Collaboration between WP Squared and CloudLinux

The world of WordPress hosting is witnessing a groundbreaking evolution with the introduction of WP Squared, a revolutionary hosting solution brought to life by the collaborative efforts of WebPros and CloudLinux.WP Squared stands out by offering a seamless, user-friendly WordPress management experience, enriched with CloudLinux's advanced tech.

Shift: VPS over Resellers

In December 2023, HostGator withdrew from offering Reseller hosting services, replacing them with a VPS server offer. As we learned from HostGator’s website and in direct conversations with their staff, the change may have its roots fully linked to Network Solution. Price-wise, it’s… expensive. Even very much so.

4 years of skyrocketing Plesk Panel prices after 4 years of stagnation

While the price increases for Plesk Panel were much less dynamic than those of cPanel, they still managed to rise much more by almost 62% over the years. We checked the last 8 years of license price development. Is it really worth paying extra for the capabilities that plesk offers?

Understanding cPanel’s rising costs 2019-2024

A significant increase in the prices of cPanel packages in the years 2019-2024 by up to 50%. We check the Internet archives, looking under every rock to determine how much the prices of individual packages have increased over the last 5 years.