ICANN vs. Namecheap: pricing battle

The ICANN vs. Namecheap case is a pivotal moment in the domain registration industry's evolution. The legal arguments and economic analyses presented in this dispute will likely influence future policies and practices regarding domain name pricing.

.ART domain celebrates 7th birthday

This month marks a significant milestone for the .ART domain registry as it celebrates its 7th birthday. Since its launch on May 10, 2017, .ART has grown exponentially, becoming the digital home for over 260,000 artists, creators, museums, galleries, and institutions globally.

Unveiling ICANN new gTLD program

The first round, launched a decade ago, brought significant changes and learnings. Now, as ICANN prepares for the second round, we delve into past insights and future expectations, aiming to provide a comprehensive understanding for prospective applicants and industry observers.

ICANN looks for savings

ICANN anticipates a decrease in its revenues by $3 million, down to $145 million, after it became apparent that domain sales would not be as robust as previously estimated. The organization presented these changes during two teleconferences.

The surging popularity of .ai domains

The .ai domain, the country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Anguilla, has seen a significant increase in its registration numbers. From December 20 to April 12, the number of registered .ai domains rose from 353,928 to 425,060.

Navigating ICANN’s role in content policing

ICANN recently found itself at a crossroads over an expansion of its powers that could effectively turn it into a content police. This debate has sparked significant controversy, highlighting the complexities of internet governance and the delicate balance between regulation and freedom.

Epik embarks on a new chapter: empowering entrepreneurs and small businesses

As Epik embarks on this new chapter, its focus is clear: to create a supportive, safe, and productive online ecosystem for entrepreneurs and small businesses. By turning the page on its past and looking towards a future filled with possibility, Epik LLC is committed to being a force for good in the digital domain landscape

The evolving governance of .xxx domain: GoDaddy’s bold moves toward modernization

ICANN has put forth what might become the next version of GoDaddy's .xxx registry agreement, marking a departure from its current "sponsored" status. This move could significantly alter GoDaddy's ICANN fees and implement the most stringent child-protection measures across any generic top-level domain (gTLD).

Victory in domain dispute drama

The judge dismissed all seven of Tallman’s assertions, highlighting the improbability of his demand for a sweeping transfer of domain rights. Although Tallman was allowed to amend and refile some of his claims, the court firmly rejected his request for a declaratory judgment.

GoDaddy wants to end cooperation with IFFOR

GoDaddy is coming out with an initiative to eliminate what the registry considers unnecessary complexities from the .xxx domain agreement. At the heart of GoDaddy’s proposal is the desire to terminate its association with the IFFOR, the sponsor for the .xxx domain.