GoDaddy wants to end cooperation with IFFOR

GoDaddy is coming out with an initiative to eliminate what the registry considers unnecessary complexities from the .xxx domain agreement. At the heart of GoDaddy’s proposal is the desire to terminate its association with the IFFOR, the sponsor for the .xxx domain.

Whois policy’s missing lifeline

The recent update to ICANN's Registration Data Policy (RDP) marks a significant shift in how registrars and registries handle user data, aligning for the first time with EU privacy laws since GDPR's inception in May 2018.

ICANN spent $5 million more than planned

ICANN, the global coordinator for the Internet’s system of domains, reported spending $72 million out of its $74 million revenue in the six months leading...

.com domain prices rise this september

Verisign recently released its 2023 earnings report, unveiling not just the year's performance but also its roadmap for 2024. Among the key highlights was the announcement of the final price increase for .com domains, which will see costs rising to $10.26.