Industry discussions: exploring alternatives to cPanel amid rising costs

Every year, as the end of the year approaches, many hosting providers brace themselves for the annual price hike of cPanel licenses. This trend has caused considerable concern among users, leading to a search for viable alternatives.

Wix introduces AI website builder in multiple languages, a global provider of website creation services, announced the availability of its AI Website Builder in several new languages. Users from different parts of the world can now use this tool in their native language.

Spaceship’s new initiative: listening to customer feedback for a better user experience

Here’s an in-depth look at how Spaceship’s customer-centric approach is not only fostering a collaborative environment but also paving the way for a more responsive and user-friendly platform.

ImunifyEmail – A game changer in the world of spam protection

ImunifyEmail is a tool that truly changes the game in the field of outgoing spam protection. With its advanced filtering and monitoring, it effectively protects servers from unauthorized mailings, leading to better server reputation, time and resource savings, and ensuring that emails reach their intended recipients.

InMotion hosting’s new data center

InMotion Hosting, has announced a major development with the launch of its new East Coast Data Center. Located at NTT Global Data Centers in Ashburn, VA, this next-generation facility underscores the company’s commitment to delivering enterprise-grade infrastructure, aimed at enhancing the speed, reliability, and support of their services.

Elementor has launched its own hosting service. Will it break through against the competition?

Elementor, a popular website builder, is launching a new service – Elementor Hosting. This is a comprehensive hosting solution designed for WordPress users, offering managed hosting with a pre-installed Elementor plugin. In this article, we will take a closer look at this service, compare the available packages.

BitNinja’s new AI-powered patching

Some time ago, I discussed comparing BitNinja with Imunify360, where I mentioned the upcoming AI features that were set to revolutionize the way we manage server security. Today, I am pleased to announce that BitNinja has kept its promises by introducing a new, advanced AI Patch Management module.

Celebrating SpaceShip’s successful year

A year ago, Richard Kirkendall, the CEO of Namecheap, one of the leading internet domain registrars, announced on Twitter the launch of the SpaceShip platform. This was a significant step for the company, marking the beginning of a new era in offering domain and hosting services.

Zilore ends DNS services

On July 14, 2024, the discontinuation of DNS server services by Zilore will take place, which has surprised and saddened numerous users worldwide. Zilore, known for its fast, reliable, and globally available DNS hosting service, announced this unexpected move, triggering a range of reactions among its customers.

Colohouse acquires Hivelocity: industry milestone

The internet is buzzing with news that Colohouse has announced the acquisition of Hivelocity today! This transaction, heralding the birth of next-generation services, has the potential to revolutionize the data center industry by offering cloud and bare-metal solutions on an unprecedented scale.