Celebrating SpaceShip’s successful year

A year ago, Richard Kirkendall, the CEO of Namecheap, one of the leading internet domain registrars, announced on Twitter the launch of the SpaceShip platform. This was a significant step for the company, marking the beginning of a new era in offering domain and hosting services.

Zilore ends DNS services

On July 14, 2024, the discontinuation of DNS server services by Zilore will take place, which has surprised and saddened numerous users worldwide. Zilore, known for its fast, reliable, and globally available DNS hosting service, announced this unexpected move, triggering a range of reactions among its customers.

Colohouse acquires Hivelocity: industry milestone

The internet is buzzing with news that Colohouse has announced the acquisition of Hivelocity today! This transaction, heralding the birth of next-generation services, has the potential to revolutionize the data center industry by offering cloud and bare-metal solutions on an unprecedented scale.

Comparing cPanel reseller host offers

Reseller Hosting is a specific business model that allows users to purchase hosting resources in bulk and then resell them under their own brand. That's why, in today's article, we will focus on three companies that regularly appear at the top of the Reseller services rankings.

Collaboration between WP Squared and CloudLinux

The world of WordPress hosting is witnessing a groundbreaking evolution with the introduction of WP Squared, a revolutionary hosting solution brought to life by the collaborative efforts of WebPros and CloudLinux.WP Squared stands out by offering a seamless, user-friendly WordPress management experience, enriched with CloudLinux's advanced tech.

Imunify360 replacing reCAPTCHA

Imunify360 has announced the discontinuation of reCAPTCHA in favor of SplashScreen, its own bot protection technology. Decision to fully replace Google reCAPTCHA with SplashScreen is a clear indication of its confidence in its technology and its dedication to maintaining the highest standards of security without imposing additional costs on its use

Introducing Cloudways Autonomous – auto scales WordPress Hosting

Cloudways Autonomous stands as a hosting platform built upon Kubernetes (GKE) infrastructure, which automatically scales in response to website traffic fluctuations, obviating the need for human intervention.

Bluehost lunch new WordPress hosting solutions

Bluehost has prepared a new offering of its WordPress hosting, this time based on cloud solutions. Among other things, the service was created in cooperation with the developers of WordPress itself, which gives hope to users that the service is fully compatible and optimized with this script.

The evolution of GoDaddy with AI

The introduction of GoDaddy Airo™ is part of a broader strategic vision outlined by GoDaddy, aiming for an ambitious 6% to 8% annual revenue growth from 2024 to 2026. This financial forecast not only reflects GoDaddy's confidence in their new offerings.