GoDaddy .AI transfer issues

In a surprising move, the overseer of the increasingly sought-after .ai country code top-level domain (ccTLD) has issued a stark warning to registrants, advising against the transfer of their .ai domains to GoDaddy, the leading domain registrar.

Epik embarks on a new chapter: empowering entrepreneurs and small businesses

As Epik embarks on this new chapter, its focus is clear: to create a supportive, safe, and productive online ecosystem for entrepreneurs and small businesses. By turning the page on its past and looking towards a future filled with possibility, Epik LLC is committed to being a force for good in the digital domain landscape

The evolving governance of .xxx domain: GoDaddy’s bold moves toward modernization

ICANN has put forth what might become the next version of GoDaddy's .xxx registry agreement, marking a departure from its current "sponsored" status. This move could significantly alter GoDaddy's ICANN fees and implement the most stringent child-protection measures across any generic top-level domain (gTLD).

Victory in domain dispute drama

The judge dismissed all seven of Tallman’s assertions, highlighting the improbability of his demand for a sweeping transfer of domain rights. Although Tallman was allowed to amend and refile some of his claims, the court firmly rejected his request for a declaratory judgment.

Imunify360 replacing reCAPTCHA

Imunify360 has announced the discontinuation of reCAPTCHA in favor of SplashScreen, its own bot protection technology. Decision to fully replace Google reCAPTCHA with SplashScreen is a clear indication of its confidence in its technology and its dedication to maintaining the highest standards of security without imposing additional costs on its use

Introducing Cloudways Autonomous – auto scales WordPress Hosting

Cloudways Autonomous stands as a hosting platform built upon Kubernetes (GKE) infrastructure, which automatically scales in response to website traffic fluctuations, obviating the need for human intervention.

Bluehost lunch new WordPress hosting solutions

Bluehost has prepared a new offering of its WordPress hosting, this time based on cloud solutions. Among other things, the service was created in cooperation with the developers of WordPress itself, which gives hope to users that the service is fully compatible and optimized with this script.

Rethinking private auctions in domain expansion

The potential ban on private auctions marks a pivotal moment for the domain industry. Stakeholders are closely watching as ICANN formulates its approach, balancing the need for fair competition with the industry's inventive spirit.

The evolution of GoDaddy with AI

The introduction of GoDaddy Airo™ is part of a broader strategic vision outlined by GoDaddy, aiming for an ambitious 6% to 8% annual revenue growth from 2024 to 2026. This financial forecast not only reflects GoDaddy's confidence in their new offerings.

Orange domains: pioneering the Web3 frontier with Tucows and partners

In a groundbreaking development, Orange Domains has been announced as a new joint venture by Tucows, Trust Machines, and Hiro, aiming to revolutionize the way we interact with the internet. This collaboration seeks to create a seamless bridge between the conventional internet experience and the burgeoning world of Web3.