Porkbun reaches 2 million domains under management

Porkbun, the domain registrar known for its affordability and customer-centric approach, has achieved a significant milestone by surpassing 2 million domains under management. This achievement marks a notable acceleration in the company's growth, having taken seven years to reach its first million domains and just two years to double that number.

Exploring WordCamp 2024: An Interview with Marcus Krämer from Hostpress.de

Last weekend, we had the pleasure of attending WordCamp 2024 in Turin, Italy. WordCamp is an annual conference that brings together WordPress enthusiasts, developers, designers,...

Spaceship’s new initiative: listening to customer feedback for a better user experience

Here’s an in-depth look at how Spaceship’s customer-centric approach is not only fostering a collaborative environment but also paving the way for a more responsive and user-friendly platform.

Top 5 Speakers at CloudFest USA 2024

Get ready, cloud enthusiasts! CloudFest, the world's biggest cloud computing conference, is taking its show on the road to Austin, Texas, from June 5th to 8th. This isn't just another tech conference – it's a full-on festival of networking, learning, and (let's be honest) some serious fun.

InMotion hosting’s new data center

InMotion Hosting, has announced a major development with the launch of its new East Coast Data Center. Located at NTT Global Data Centers in Ashburn, VA, this next-generation facility underscores the company’s commitment to delivering enterprise-grade infrastructure, aimed at enhancing the speed, reliability, and support of their services.

Consolidation season in Europe: group.one buys WebGlobe, Team.blue buys Loopia

The web hosting market in Europe is currently undergoing significant changes, driven by a wave of consolidation. Two high-profile acquisitions – the purchase of WebGlobe...

Empowering Women in Tech: WorldHost.Group opens new customer service center in Uganda in partnership with Groundbreake

In a world where technology is becoming an increasingly integral part of our lives, we are constantly looking for ways to include different segments of...

The evolution of web builders with Simon Best

"Web builders are heading towards greater integration with AI, opening up new possibilities for automation and personalization" says Simon, who believes that the future lies in tools that are even more intuitive and capable of adapting to users' individual needs.

.ad domains soon available globally

.ad domains will be available to all interested parties worldwide from October, through a list of approved registrars to be published soon. Wholesale prices for general availability will be about 15 euros (about 16 dollars) per year.

Celebrating SpaceShip’s successful year

A year ago, Richard Kirkendall, the CEO of Namecheap, one of the leading internet domain registrars, announced on Twitter the launch of the SpaceShip platform. This was a significant step for the company, marking the beginning of a new era in offering domain and hosting services.